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Asian Dating in Southeast Asia

Asian Dating in Southeastern Asia has been too popular in the last few years. Southeastern Asia (or Southeast Asia) consists of these countries, Cambodia, Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. With the internet keeps booming in the last few years, online dating has become a phenomenon for Asian singles in Southeastern Asia to meet online. As you know that single Asian women and men prefer to find a long-term relationship. They can't find one in a bar or club. In other words, dates they meet at these places are short-term, which last the first night or a few months. What single Asian girls and guys in Southeast Asia want to find is the life mate. So, we list each country in the Southeastern Asia here that has singles who registered with us (Reference:


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Brunei Brunei - Area: 5,765, Language: Malay (Bahasa Melayu), Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan, Population: 428,000. It is located on the north coast of the island of Bomeo. There are two parts, Limbang (Sarawak).

Burma Myanmar - Burma (Republic of the Union of Myanmar) - Area: 676,578, Language: Burmese, Capital: Naypyidaw, Population: 50,020,000. It is bordered by the northeast of China, east of Laos, southeast of Thailand, west of Bangladesh, northwest of India, southwest of the Bay of Bengal. It is the second largest country in Southeast Asia.

Cambodia Cambodia (Khmer: Kampuchea) - Area: 181,035, Language: Khmer, Capital: Phnom Penh, Population: 14,805,000. It is known as the Kingdom of Cambodia, located in the southern of Indochina, bordered by northwest of Thailand, northeast of Laos, east of Vietnam, southwest of the Gulf of Thailand.

Indonesia Indonesia - Area: 1,904,569, Language: Indonesian, Capital: Jakarta, Population: 240,271,522. It is located in Southeast Asia and Oceania, and it shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor, and Malaysia. It has 17,508 islands and 33 provinces, and is the world's largest population of Muslims. 

Laos Laos - Area: 236,800, Language: Lao, Capital: Vientiane, Population: 6,320,000. The country is bordered by Burna, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand.

Malaysia Malaysia - Area: 329,847, Language: Bahasa Malaysia, Capital: Kuala Lumpur, Population: 28,318,000. The country consists of 13 states and 3 territories. Peninsular and Borneo regions are separated by the South China Sea.

Philippines Philippines - Area: 300,000, Language: Filipino (based on Tagalog), English, Capital: Manila, Population: 91,983,000. The country is bounded on the east by the Philippine Sea. Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao are three major geographical divisions of the country.

Singapore Singapore - Area: 697, Language: English, Malay, Chinese, Tamil, Capital: Singapore, Population: 5,076,700. It is an island country that has 63 islands, separated by the traits of Johor to its north and from Indonesia's Riau Island by the Singapore Strait to its south. The country is mostly urbanised with little primary rainforest remaining.

Thailand Thailand (formerly known as Siam) - Area: 513,120, Language: Thai, Capital: Bangkok, Population: 67,764,000. The country is bordered to the north of Burna and Laos, east of Laos and Cambodia, South of Gulf of Thailand and Malaysia, West of Andaman Sea and southern of Burma. 

Vietnam Vietnam (Viet Nam) - Area: 331,210, Language: Vietnamese, Capital: Hanoi (Ha Noi), Population: 88,069,000. It is bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and south China Sea.

Asian personals in these countries are using the online dating services to look for love and relationship, which is the modern method to find the second half these days. If you are seeking an Asian Girl or man, please click on each country to view singles in that area. Good luck!

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