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Watch Out Online Dating Scams: For Both Asian Women & Western Men

Find a date online? Too good and too convenient. Just sit at a place where you can search and expose to a lot of people to get acquainted. Can I find a girlfriend or boyfriend, gay, les or bisexual, older or younger, living near or any other country. Advantages too? But besides that, you need vigilant and be careful, because you can fall on the dating scammer. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Asian woman, man or Western man, there are good and bad people out there. Be precautious is the best policy when you look for love, romance, relationship and marriage online.

Internet dating scams

Internet dating scams

There are some ways that internet scammers use to scam someone’s money. Again, those people are everywhere, they are fake who pretend to be a single man or woman from South Africa, Nigeria, Senegal, UK, USA, Canada, Poland, Australia, France, German, Italy, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, the Philippines and others. They use proxy websites to sign up a profile with attractive pictures. They use proxy sites to exchange emails back and forth with you so you don’t know exactly where they are originally from.

I think if you go online to find a mate for you, do not believe in all the things for sale, gifts, or anything that relate to money. If anyone get acquainted with you that say about the item that you earn profits, or tell you to pay a fee to receive large gifts, as well as tell you sob stories about death of family members, poverty, shortage of money, travel expense, need help, then you should stop and notify the administrator or network administrator of that dating website know about it. These are online dating scams.



You must be aware of such people. Asian prostitutes and call girls advertise on dating sites to find male customers like, “a single girl, 22 years old, 165cm tall, sexy body, might serve him in Manila, whenever, contact and address.” Some young men seeking old women advertise their ads like “a strong young man, 1.75 meter tall, swarthy, can satisfy any old and lonely woman, living in the Philippines”. However, there are someone who acts like normal Asian singles and personals, after chatting with them a few times, you know exactly about them.


Have you encountered many phony intellectuals. They introduced themselves on their profiles as a doctor, an engineer, and speak clearly about the companies they work. But after some time, they you discovered they are lumpen intellectuals. Their real identity was finally disclosed. They can’t tell lies all the time.


This is the way that foreigners used to scam unsuspecting people. They also go online and find you, email back and forth with each other, and how they talk about the phone number to make a deep emotional, gain your trust. Finally, they send a gift for you through a foreign company, and ask you to pay the shipping cost or tax. There are many Asian men and women who were trapped from these luxury gifts and felt for it. Don’t believe about such expensive gifts.


There are many people who act as Asian and Western regular singles. When they gain your trust, they will talk about the inherit fortune from their parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. They will agree to share with you the big money from their fortune. Then, they ask you to pay for the shipping fee or tax to transfer the money into your bank account. This is scam.

Here is the way to know about the Internet dating scams or online money scammers:

  • They usually send you the long letter with words from polite literature. You should copy one paragraph and then search on Google, you will know immediately whether or not they are scams.
  • They send you a very beautiful picture or cool pictures, but never let you see their webcam.
  • Remember to pay attention to the time in where they live. For example, they say they live in the United States, in California, then the time zone of the Philippines is different about 9 hours. Notice about when they say morning or evening is correct.
  • They often say sympathetically to you for sympathy. If you say you are divorced or a widow, they also say the same. They often speak words of love and promise to sponsor you to the West as early as possible.
  • If you receive their letters from junk mail (spam) inbox, it would mean that they were sent to many people.
  • Every day you receive a new message, then you do not receive new mail in one week, you miss the emails, you’ve been waiting for it By 8th day, they sent a letter to you and say just come back from travel and bought a gift for you, asked you to pay for shipping fee to receive it.
  • Asked you to see them at the place in the Philippines, they send you an email saying that they can’t make it.

It does not matter what site you sign up with, an Asian dating service like Asiandatenet or other regular dating sites, you will once in a while deal with internet scams. The above tips are only some you should pay attention to. There are some other scripts that online dating scammers use. If you can post some other tips, then I’ll post them on this posts so that our honest people can learn from and stay away from these internet money scams. Again, don’t cooperate with them, FIGHT THEM.