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Hi, my name is Bobby. I am 54 years old (birthday September 19). I am modest and practical by nature and a bit of a perfectionist and particular about the way things are done sometimes… I think highly of cleanliness and hygiene. I have pretty good organization skills, take my responsibility seriously and dedicated to my work. I am humane, have empathy and sensitive to other's needs especially those less fortunate. I like a lot of things, sitting around a fire pit on a cool evening roasting marshmallows, going on road trips; bring a blanket, cooler, fishing pole, find a nice place for a picnic (find new places)..., fishing, hosting a big dinner or backyard BBQ at home with friends..( I am a pretty good cook for a guy :-) ), miniature golf, swimming, tennis, table tennis, beaches, swimming, board games, romantic dinner at a nice restaurant, cuddle up with you under a blanket and watch a movie,)))) and I collect old coins. I am looking a younger woman ( no specific age) who is a lady by day and a tigress by night! She is feminine, smart, kind, faithful, supportive, loves children and puts family first; and seeking a long term relationship / marriage; willing to move to USA. I do not want any conflict or arguing, had enough of that in my last relationship to last a lifetime.

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