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Asian dating
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American woman seeking Bhutanese friend
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I feel kindred with cats, I am learning to nurture plants, and I enjoy doing things with strings (I play guitar and ukulele, plus I knit, knot, stitch, and make a type of lace called tatting). I love learning and teaching more than anything, the thrill of sharing new knowledge that connects with others and broadens our world, I can think of no purer joy. This includes storytelling, sharing silence, and other more subtle forms of communication.

I grew up feeling alien even among those closest to me. After college I met people like I had never encountered, and it blew my mind to discover there are other people out there who nurture relationships with compassion, gentleness, and respect. These new friends welcomed me, loved me, and nurtured me in a way I had always yearned for, but was mocked by my peers as a character flaw: I am too sensitive. Personally I’d rather keep communing with the universe, far more delightful than what felt like a competition in performative cruelty, which seemed to be required to survive. I finally knew there ARE others who want to exist in the world the same way I do, and though I loved my new friends, I still felt like I didn’t really belong. I still haven’t found my family (other than the two cats)..

Learning about Bhutan reinvigorated my spirit to keep searching, because perhaps the things I’ve always thought don't exist, actually might, just on the other side of the world from me. Living in this world has always felt like too much, I couldn’t thrive within the cultural framework, not without giving up the parts of me I valued. I didn’t feel like I belonged, and I truly didn’t think I belonged anywhere. I want to belong. I want to share.

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