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Dear self,

Here you are in this room across the other side of the world.

You may not know what to do right now.

But you pull out your lappy and open up this blog to write in it, anyway.

Because you know, writing will give you clarity as it always does.

You know that when you write, things will get much more clearer.

There’s no one to judge you in there;
about your feelings or anything.

Self, you are allowed to feel any kind of feelings that you feel.

It’s good if you feel happy sometimes,
and it’s okay too if you feel down and upset at any time.

That’s life and that’s normal.

I can tell you, all people feel the same too.

I know that life can be hard sometimes,
and I also know that life can be great too.

Allow yourself to feel both experiences.

When you’re sad, pull yourself closer and hug her.
Tell yourself that it’s okay. She can be sad and she will still be loved, anyway.
If she fails today, she can try again tomorrow.
Tell her not to worry as she always has you.
To support her and believe in her;
even when no one else does.

When you’re happy, remember those moments.
Capture them in a jar if you have to.
Those moments are rare and worth to be kept forever.
And remember that those moments can happen again as they happened in a first time,
when you never even have the slightest idea that they may ever happen.
Darling, of course they can!

Looking forward to have happy moments with you.

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