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Looking for partner to share life
I am an easy going person who has a broad range of interests from music to movies to reading, still have a childlike curiousity of the world and try to see the good in all people. Have no set ideal in woman I seek but want her to be both my best friend and lover... someone whom I can share my innermost thoughts and even fantasies with. I work in this country as railroad engineer...not college type engineer but as train driver hauling freight....the hours are terrible but I played with trains as a child and now I get to do it for real...funny how a simple job can be satisfying...I worked in electonics for over 20 yrs and have finally found job I really enjoy. Hard to describe what I am looking preconceived ideas...just want woman who can share the remaining part of my life with me.
I may not have finished college but I am well read and able to carry on conversations about many subjects..I have agood sense of humour..ranges from slapstick to cerebral...kind of Monty Python meets the 3 Stooges will never find me taking myself too seriously...cant stand pompous people...everyone has something good about them you just have to give them a chance and not judge so swiftly..Life is too short not to try and enjoy it to the fullest...from watching a puppy being born in the miracle of life or to just sitting on the beach and watching a sunset listening to the wind and the water lap the shore.
I have no preconceived idea about the woman for me only that she will be my best friend and lover wake up and see her sleeping next to me and gently kiss her neck and know she is the world to me. I am very much a touch person and just holding hands is such a simple joy....but I am seeking my true love and missing half...I am willing to relocate for my love also

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