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hello please read out my profile
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Here's a bit of what I'm looking for in a woman who  can catch my attention and affection.  I want to find my best friend, companion, confidant, wife, lover, and all  the good things that come in a loving relationship. My woman will be  honest, intelligent, caring, Good sense of humour (in MY eyes), maybe a  bit independent but ready and wanting to share her life with someone.  Overall, a woman who's enjoying all that life has to offer. Obviously, I'd  like to meet someone that is interested in me as much as I am in her. That  doesn't happen overnight either. I'm willing to take my time to know you. My "perfect" woman will never cheat because we're in a committed  relationship. Yes, kissing is cheating! And honesty is a must between two  caring adults. I live by these rules and expect the same. Also, I don't  believe in secrets with someone you love. If you never-ever drink, I hope  you don't mind if I do a little in one big Occasion . I brew my own beer  that I share at barbecues or other get-togethers with friends, and I enjoy  a glass of wine or two on occasion. I'd like to meet that someone that makes it all worthwhile. I am sorry,  but if you are currently separated or only divorced a short time, we are  not in the same place in our relationship needs or wants.  Thanks to the deceitful women who go on dates just for a free meal, I will  *not* meet after one email. I think a couple of emails and phone calls  will be about right to see if we're going to meet. And if you can't be  honest and just tell me the truth, then I'd rather not meet. Thanks for visiting. If you made it this far, I'm thinking you might be a  little interested or at least curious. Maybe it's time for you to hit that  message button and let's chat. ..stay
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I'm pretty much a self-made man; a renaissance man, if you will. I love to 
learn new things and tinker. I can, and do, build things around the house. 
I'm one of those somewhat rare guys who says "I can build that!" and 
actually goes in the garage and builds it. And I'm definitely the man my 
guy friends come to for guy help. But I'm not your typical bachelor as I'm 
equally dangerous with power tools and a sewing machine.
I'm kind of selective. Okay very selective. And you should be, too! It's 
part of our nature.

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