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There are some members who reported to us about distracted messages from online dating scams. I wrote this article here to notify both Asian women and Western men not to get trapped from these money scammers on the internet. You should not trust someone who bring you good offers like big money, gifts, and so on. No one gives you such a big gift without getting in returns. Don't believe in such gifts. Usually, they sign up personals ads online, get acquainted with you, chat with you, gain your trust, then they start talking about money related issues. They ask you to pay for shipping cost or taxes to receive the gifts. No way. Don't trust them. Please help us to FIGHT THEM. Thanks.


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  • Posted 3 years ago
This is very nice of you to give a warning for those who are unaware for such scams and are using dating sites like this...
Thank you.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam