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Help/FAQs - Free Asian Dating Service |

Do you have some questions? We have answers for you. Below is a list of questions and answers we have for you. Just click on any question and find the answer below it. If your question is not listed in here, then please send us your question at our Contact Us link below. Thank you very much!

Profile Registration

  1. How do I register a profile?
    1. On this page, all fields with red star '*' sign are required fields. 'About Me' and 'My ideal partner' are option. 'Upload your photo' is optional. 'Verification number' and 'Terms of Service' fields are required.
  2. Upload an image
    • Your picture size needs to be greater than 100x100. If your image is too large, then you need to resize it before you upload it on our website.
    • Cursor on Media, Pictures, then Create Album or Edit existing pictures. After creating an Album, click on that Album, and add pictures to it.
  3. After Uploaded Your Photos
  • You must wait for us to approve your pictures before show online. Usually, we'll approve your photos withing 24 hours.
  1. Verify your profile after registration
    • Once you submit your profile, you need to verify it. We'll send you an email. Just click on the link we send you or past it on your browser to activate your registration.
  2. Complete your profile (Edit Profile)
    • Once you activate your profile, you can login and complete your profile in detailed. On the sub-menu on top, you will see 'Profile' link, cursor on it and click on Edit Profile. Then, click on 'Appearance', 'Lifestyle', 'Home and Family', 'Professional Life' and 'Personal' fields to complete them.
  3. Change images/photos
    • Login and cursor on 'Profile'. From here, you can either 'Delete' your photo or 'Edit thumbnail' on your photo.
  4. Can't login (wrong username / password)
  • You must enter the correct upper-case and lower-case letters of your username or password.
7. My images are not online
  • Your images will be verified to make sure they are not copied from somewhere else and qualified under our tos. it takes time for the Admin to approved your images.
8. My profile shows US state even though I don't choose it when signed up?
  • Login, cursor on Profile (left), Edit Profile. At State field, under "I'll tell you later", there is an EMPTY row, click on that Blank row and Submit.
9. How do I accept Friend Request?
  • Login and cursor on Network, click on Friends, on the right side, click on Accept Friends.

Message system

  1. why I can't open my inbox?
Once you are logged in. On the top menu, cursor on Message, click on Inbox.
  1. What if I reached maximum allowed messages?
  • You must delete old messages to continue sending & receiving new messages.
  1. How do I send a message, gift or wink?
    • Login. Click on any member, click on 'Send message', 'Send gift', and 'Send wink' links below photo and send them.
  2.  How do I read and delete messages?
    • Login. Cursor on 'Message', click on 'Inbox'. Those are messages that other member (s) sent you. To delete any unwanted message, just click on 'Checkbox' and hit 'Delete selected' button. To check on message (s) you sent to other, cursor on 'Message' and click on 'Sent' button.
    • The same rule applies to Sent (x) messages. 
    • Remember, you have to remove very old messages to avoid reaching the maximum allowed messages.
  3. How do I add or delete an album?.
    • Cursor on 'Media' and click on 'Pictures'.
  4. How do I add a blog, guestbook, event or view gifts?
    • Cursor on 'Apps'
  5. How do I block a member?
    • Click on any member, click on 'Block member' button.
  6. How do I report abuse?
    • Click on any member, click on 'Report' button.
  7. What is Privacy?
    • Cursor on 'Settings', click on 'Privacy'. On this page, you can set Privacy on your profile including pictures, videos, music, friends, gifts, blog, chat, guestbook, etc.
  8. How do I cancel my profile?
    • Please contact us so we can remove it completely.
  9. What do I do once I reached the maximum allowed messages?
    • You need to remove old messages to continue sending new messages to other members.