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Taos, United States
5' 10"
Light brown
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Banking / Financial services / Real estate
Ready for the lifelong love you dreamed of? Ready?
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Be yourself! Let your passions fly both inside and outside of yourself. Open your heart and be free, telling the man you love (me!) How important I am and that you don't want to live one day without me. I will tell you and show you and prove to you that you are the most important person and cheese and please you endlessly. Hopefully you like to laugh, open your heart to the man who loves you. To be honest and trusting and no, no so deep in your bones that your partner thinks you are the most magnificent person in the world, even during the so-called "difficult" times memes that you have found someone to call your true partner and lover. I would say that 99 out of 100 people never find this in their lives. I am at a point where each and every breath I take shows me that I will Savor and cherish every waking moment with you. (And sleeping Moments 2! When we wake up in each other's arms and make deep passionate love that is full of teasing and pleasing and pleasure Beyond what we ever dreamed possible.) It's not about money, it's not about ego, it's about sharing and listening and understanding and forgiving. There are far too many ways to express ourselves online. Please consider having a 15-minute cup of coffee with me, and if we do not feel that there is a connection Beyond all dreams, we have lost nothing, but stand the potential to spend the rest of our days together in absolute Bliss. Are you interested in this? If you are a beautiful person on the outside, as well as beautiful on the inside I promise you that I will never purposely hurt you nor take you for granted and I will show you and tell you each and every day how important you are to me and that your happiness brings me total Joy. Life is far too short to waste even a mere second in doubt, confusion, argument debate or any other nonsense. I lived in Asia for 2 years and I understand the culture. And to be honest with you, I know deep in my heart I will spend the rest of my life with an Asian woman. Will you please give me a chance? I will come visit you, or invite you to the United States so you can see the quality of life I have, and if you were to add to my life it would grow exponentially and we would never look back. Only look forward to the most amazing and rewarding experience under the sun. I lived in Asia for several years and taught English as well as other jobs. I've been a professional athlete my entire life so I am extremely fit and healthy (and will gladly send you photos very tasteful of course! Without a shirt so you can see I am not some fat slob American man, like most are ☺). While I am far from perfect, I learn and I grow and I change to meet conditions and in our relationship you will see that each and every day. I speak some Mandarin, although it is getting rusty and I have lived in Thailand and traveled extensively. Is this something you would like to do? I am equally happy reading a book next to you in a chair holding your hand, and looking deeply into your eyes so that you know exactly how I feel about you each and every day. No Mysteries, total honesty, no reason for doubt or mistrust or confusion when two people can communicate and express their love for each other. I will come visit you if we get to that point and you invite me, and you are welcome to come to the United States to visit me I pray that you never leave!
Looking for:

Too many things to list. They close female friends call me extremely handsome, and sexy, and have the biggest heart of any man they have ever met. I would like to have you experienced Who I Really Am and devote myself loyalty and faithful lie to you. I am a one woman man, and without smothering you I will please you every single day that we are together. I am kind and considerate and passionate with the one woman I fall in love with. I am intelligent, responsible yet fun and fun loving and love to laugh and see you laugh. At this point in my life bringing you happiness and pleasure will fill my heart, as we can choose to live wherever we want, do whatever we wish to, grow closer than 2 people ever dreamed of and I know it sounds silly but the best friends, deep Soulful lovers and have the most fulfilling life each and every day as we fall deeper and deeper in love with every breath, and each time we look into each other's eyes. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic! And all I asked is 15 minutes of coffee so that we can talk and we will both know that what we have found is the most amazing thing ever to occur in our lives!

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