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Asian dating
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Raised in Catholic home.Never married due to family responsibilities (mother could not hold a job for very long).Conservative in personality and outlook. Will move overseas if desired by companion.Very muscular (lift weights for 36 years). Only drink at social gatherings, no use drugs. I have two properties free and clear and a large IRA (Navy Reserve retirement and lump sum from Verizon). I am very careful with my money but will spend on someone I love.Am lonely for a companion and will be very attentive to her needs and desires. Not close to relatives due to parents breakup and passing away. Younger brother in PA and brother married and retired in Switzerland with his Swiss wife.Will send photo soon. Have no one to leave my estate and things to (and Navy benefits lifetime for a wife).Usually very quiet but love conversation with people I am close to. Ethnicity: Italian-American, can cook Italian things! Am very attracted to Asian people;they value family and staying together thru good and bad times. Asian woman are very happy people unlike American woman, and value men who take care of them well. I do not care much about sports teams and all that stuff. That is for silly men. Family comes first, and my companion will come first of all things.It does not pay for a man to argue with his companion or other men; it only makes for troubles and bad spirits.Health is good, no use of drugs.

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