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Which type of girls do boys fall in love with?
Why should I use DuckDuckGo instead of Google?
Although there are no universal ‘types' to fall in love with and it just happens, I think most boys fall for the kind of girls who:

ARE NOT DRAMA QUEENS- Drama queens are an absolute red flag for boys, I know girls, we have always been told that throwing trantrums is what makes a boy/man attract to you the most but certainly there is a difference between ‘ada’ (attitude) and ‘nakhra’ (melodrama). Doing that “uff! I can't carry this, this is so heavy” or flicking your hair constantly does not make boys fall in love.

Any man would definitely fall for a girl with an appropriate attractive attitude and confident body language. Someone who seems to have self-respect and a personality of her own surely makes boys fall for her.

IS GOOD LOOKING AS WELL AS HOLDS HIGH OPINIONS- Looks are important to some extent as it acts as a preliminary to initial infatuation but guys absolutely love someone they share their opinions with, have friendly arguments with and even take advice on matters. When the boy starts to fall for your beautiful mind, looks cease to matter.

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