Antonis: Man in United States Seeking Life partner

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Athens, United States
Life partner
6' 3"
A little gray
Professional life
Some high school
Movies, Listening to music, Television
I want married Chinese Lady.
About yourself:
I like Chinese Woman and for this and I want for my wife Chinese Lady. What I Looking for, in a woman? : To love to respect and to honor her family and her husband (me too), honest, serious, good hostess, housewife, kind, friendly, and mutual respect. Ok and beautiful.. I Will Respect : Your Family, Your Coulture, Your Customs. I Will Respect you. And you the Same for me. Respect, No Secrets, Understanding at All, Between us. This is the right. I Will be Near to you, like friend-brother-lover-and husband. The life is up and down(there are happiness and sadness),together at All.This mean Love..and marrige. I will Not Give you False Promises at All. Never I do that.The promise Must be Respected and Kept to her. And not Just to Give it. How many Love words want to tell you in a minute? This you want? Fake words..without to feel nothing? Or you want a really happy life with a married? (the love words will coming..the right moment..and it will be true..) I know That: I am not the Perfect Man of the World and (There is not), and I am not Looking for the Perfect Woman Of World (There is not). The most people looking For the Perfect (man-woman) And finally they are left alone,And for partnership ? Memories and Loneliness.Antonis
Looking for:

Hi !! I am Really man 50 years old,From Greece.
(Greece is in Europe) I Want To Meet ONLY WOMEN BUSINESS OWNER
AGE 40-45 YEARS OLD, ONLY FROM CHINA. For Marriage & Business Cooperation (together if you want) The Best for us is thiς: And to the Businness
and to the Life (marriage) Together at All. This I Want and this is my Opinion.
Now few words for me: I am Not married. Never Married. Really I don’t know
So is the life.No Parents-Kids- Brothers- Sisters.
I am alone and I leave alone. I am a Simple man,Serious, Honest,Charming, Polite,with I like the family I want a calm family life. Beloved family.Thank you Antonis.

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