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Life partner
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About yourself:
I am here to find a serious relationship, might be for marriage, we will see. My age not to play game anymore. I am looking for a partner life that want to share the rest of life in quality. live in peaceful, happy, harmony, respect to each other, loving. A man that able to put a smile on my face. A man who has been move on from his past life and ready to start a new journey with me with a new chapter life/love story. my ideal match is educated man, who has using more brain than mussel. Having good heart, open minded, responsible, gentleman who able to treat woman well, respect with woman and other people, not rude, elegant in appearance also in behavior. Having similar interests, from good family background, family man. If you think you are matching to me, feel free to contact me and lets start a new journey ...:)
Looking for:

I am a mature woman, independent, confident, creative, smart,educated,honest, positive mindset, hard working who has good heart and attitude. I have some interests in cooking, reading, photography, listening music ,travelling also love the nature and beaches. my looks much more younger than my age, but i prefer to say a real of my age rather than to hide it. I think its good to start a relationship with who the way we are.
I like so spend a free time in peaceful and relax atmosphere. You can ask me for more ...just feel free to start a conversation and to get to know each other well.

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