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R U Smart Attractive Like To Enjoy Life & Loyal Partner
About Me:
50 Pictures I am 100% real...READ & CONTACT ONLY if SERIOUSLY want and ready NOW for a Long Term Relationship/Marriage and a new life.

Doesn't take 6 months or years to meet a good match.... MILLIONS of GREAT people in this world.... If you have been searching for a long time....something is not right..... WAKE up.... REALITY dear.... The "dream version" PERFECT PRINCE you very much hope for probably does NOT exist.... find someone to love and be loved by.... someone that is about 90% of what you like,,,, learn to live and adapt to the rest.

A little about me..... Been living in San Francisco Bay Area San Jose California about 5 years now... before Miami..Chicago..Atlanta..Houston..San Diego..and San Juan Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.
I absolutely LOVE different places.. foods...cultures..adventures of just about any type. Don't let my age fool you :)

Fairly large Asian population here where I've been living. I'm fascinated and very attracted to the customs....manner and respect of most Asian women,,,the way carry they themselves and beliefs.

NO, I'm NOT RICH..... but YES I make VERY good money :) I work my butt off working MANY MANY hours running SEVERAL different type of businesses..... mostly all are on internet and by phone. Im a VERY hard worker..... a little bit wild and crazy..... but a "GOOD" crazy :)

IMPORTANT: Are you willing to come and live in the United States? If you answer YES to this question.... keep reading.

I'm ready to be in a relationship now after about 4 years since split up,,,,,and I am SERIOUSLY determined to find a wonderful Asian woman for my partner fairly quickly. Young or closer to my age isn't that important to me.

The REAL YOU and your inner self are what matters most. I am 100% sure that you are out there :) And I'd like to share life with you.... take VERY good care of you and help your family as well.

IMPORTANT - Deal for you .... if we seem to "match", I will buy you a round trip ticket NOW for you to come visit here in California.. stay for a few days.. weeks,,,months,,,, which ever you prefer....I'm really easy :) Anyhow........ It

HHmmm..MMmm... dduh ...8:30AM,, been up working all night. Actually since 5AM yesterday ...about 27 hours now, no end in sight :)
With mashed potato brains at the moment ..searching for the right words ..which may affect the rest of my life.. or even yours...well sort of. :)
Works like this..right?? Like what you read...see and grasp from the limited profile info... you'll smile...and sense a little twinkle feeling inside if we match. :) YES?? or NO??
Think I've lost my mind? That's fine. wish you all the happiness life brings your way...I offer you my friendship. :)
Answer a NO?? We're likely not a good match. I also offer you my friendship :)
To the select few "that would reply YES" .. I am not the only special one. it is you as well. :) (: CLICK :)
Years of life involving vast mixtures of success & failure... dreams come true and disappointments have not hardened you.
YOU one of few still possessing Youthful innocence... bolstered by wisdom attained living life. Your smile is "natural" reflecting your true inner self :)
My ideal partner:
Attractive but perfection not required LOL Simple but smart, must be a DOER not a couch potato :)

Would like to see more than just a few of the best pictures of you.... I put alot of my pictures for you so you see good and bad :)

Reviewing profiles .... many seem suspicious. Beautiful ladies in decent shape....then.... one of the pics is the REAL person at this moment and time. WHAT??? Bait and Switch? Goodness....
I ask of you no more than what I'm offering...
Like or dislike me.... no big deal ....
My Profile pictures are MAXIMUM 4-5 years old... MANY are just from months ago..semi-recent.
Count on me to ALWAYS be upfront and honest (for good or bad)
Will do everything possible to respect your needs and desires as long as not in direct conflict with my personal morals, feelings or beliefs
I'm not much of a dreamer.... not very adept at "seemingly" maintaining interest in trivial matters or conversation . ...and no interest in lengthy discussions about which actor married or divorced..... Who Cares?

Life is too short and precious to waste.... U sleep 8 hours average per nite most of your life? Realize you slept 1/3 of your life? Would be 20 years of life spent sleeping if U R 60yrs old..... WHAT A WASTE!!!

Certainly there is a "place and a time" for most instances and a big NO NO to be disrespectful ,,rude,,,totally out of place. But along the way I've ditched a good portion of the CONFORMIST persona that worries too much about what other people think.... I DON'T CARE ! :)

Aren't you the one drove past me last week when I was homeless and hungry? Think I care much what strangers or anyone thinks of me? LOL I take care of those that matter to me....

A honest loving loyal partner is what I'm hoping for.....
I am:
Seeking a:
United States
San Jose
Zip code:
Marital Status:
Looking for:
Body type:
Dark Brown
5' 9"
Home and Family
Have Kids:
Yes - but not at home
Want (more) kids:
Professional Life
College Grad
Employment Status:
Work at home
Sales / Marketing
$75,000 to $99,999
Attend Services:
Only on holidays
Political Views:
Spiritual but not religious
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  • Posted 2 years ago
nice one and congratulation if you have found the right woman for you