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Berlin, Germany
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My name is Freidrich, I am from Germany, I completed My Graduation in Vaagdevi degree college with aggregate 82%, presently persuing mca degree in vasavi college of engineering, my hobbies are reading books, surfing internet, watching movies. I am very fascinated to learn new things. I created new blog, template website, my technical skills are c, c++, java basics, I am hard-worker, I spent time in cattle fields, I help my mom and dad in agriculture work, during my college holidays I done part time jobs in my village. I spent time surfing new things in google, I am googler, after five years my future goal is to be placed in google company. I have taken education loan for post-graduation, I came from poor background I know how to mingle with friends, how to make friends easier, I am nature lover, if I get holidays during festival I plan for tours with my besties, travelling is my likely hood profession I will travel by bus, train, auto, walk to see how the society will be, what are efforts they are coming out, I can easily handle any situation with smile, I love my family members.

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