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Beaverton, Michigan, United States
Long term dating
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6' 0"
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The life of the party
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Home and family
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Yes - but not at home
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Professional life
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Technical / Science / Engineering
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Clever / Quick witted, Dry / Sarcastic, Raunchy
Crafts, Reading, Travel
Join me on an adventure
About yourself:
As anyone who knows me would tell you, I am a very unique person. I'm told I'm very likable, but sometimes hard to figure out. I am rarely one to follow the beaten path. 
Looking for:

I tend to like submissive, very short and thin, much younger women, generally with longer hair, a passion for life and a willingness to walk with me where others fear to tread. I love my kids to death, but I had them quite young and now that they are out of the house, I am looking forward to all the fun I missed. I really don't want to start over raising any kids again, in fact I can't have any more (vasectomy). I am not against marriage either, but I have seen two relationships fall into complacency and decline over it and I am quite cynical on the subject. I would definitely want to get to know a girl very well, before trying it again, and only without a huge risk of financial repercussions. I would only marry someone who is financially stable and not deeply in debt, for that reason. Relationships take work and compromise to keep going, especially when those in it are different and I keep seeing marriage used as an excuse to stop trying. I stay in good mental and physical shape, so that I can keep doing what I do and I look for the same in companions. You can't travel to exotic and unique places without being healthy and somewhat athletic. I have quite a libido and can't imagine a life without that in a relationship. I like girls who are wild and willing to be adventurous in the bedroom (or wherever we are). Unlike most American guys I don't have an obsession with large breasts and bubble buts, in fact I prefer the opposite. I am not very picky about most other things in girls. I've actually dated a few girls who were nothing like my ideal partner. I love empathic girls who can read me without me having to explain everything and can connect with other girls easily. Not "one of the boys," but a girl who likes being around other girls. I actually like clingy girls, who are always curled up on my lap and nuzzling me, as long as they are not controlling and psychologically stable. I don't want to live on an emotional roller coaster. I prefer actual roller coasters. If you don't trust someone you shouldn't be in a relationship, jealousy is not healthy. I've been in polyamorous relationships (two girls and myself) many times in the past and wouldn't not be opposed to another, as they are actually hugely beneficial to everyone in them, for many reasons. No drug addiction issues, please. I'm not against recreational drug use, in fact I find some entertaining, but to use them all the time, to be happy is expensive and pointless, especially cigarettes and hard drugs. I am not against pets, but I am on the go so much I would feel guilty about a needy one at home. I always prefer honesty. I have seen and done things most people can't imagine and would rather hear the ugly truth, than a lie. I admire a girl who is confident of their appearance and proud to show it. I find exhibitionists very attractive. I also like a creative drive when it comes to everything from planning trips, to coming up with ways to keep a relationship interesting.

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JeremyDicken, 19740118, Beaverton, Michigan, United States
JeremyDicken, 19740118, Beaverton, Michigan, United States
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