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Posted on 06/06/2012

About Me:
My name is Zack I am 24 years old and I\'m Korean. Seems like girls either like Korean guys or they don\'t.

Anyway, I like playing sports, going to the parties on the weekends (and I mean PARTY!-known to throw some good keg parties), and big into cars. I have 2 cars one is a Trans Am V8 (In Picture). Do all my car stuff myself so I\'m somewhat mechanically inclined. I played high school basketball and soccer. I live with some friends and am in college and am employed. I like all types of music but not so much country. Don\'t think I have really come across any Asian person that does. Hahaha. I played basketball and soccer in high school. Like going out shooting, skateboarding, chillin, going to the beach (take random trips).... basically anything but staying inside. I am usually always with people and have a very VERY diverse group of friends. I am not your typical Asian book worm and really don\'t hang out with Asian friends too much. People think I\'m crazy-but I don\'t like Asian girls. I was big into art of all kinds but recently have not had time to mess with it. I currently have a lip ring and ear done. I had a dermal anchor (tear drop) and eyebrow done but I took those out for my job. I got one Tat as well. I\'m always trying to meet new people and down to chill! If u got any questions just send me a message or just facebook me for more pictures and info. I know how to have a good time but know how and when things need to be taken seriously.
My ideal partner:
Mostly into Caucasian girls. Must be smaller then I am. But I\'m not to picky. Just depends on the girl.
I am:
Seeking a:
United States
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