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Asian dating
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High school grad
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Arts, Movies, Listening to music, Reading, Watching sports, Gaming, Television
Attractive, good natured, Kind, Acceptive, Easy-going Honest
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Must be caring, genuine, likes to hang out and play some video games with. Also must be sincere and honest and have a love of music and reading to. Has to have a love of or knowledge of anime. Also must be kind and dont tell lies. And not a cheater. Also has to have a love of some sports and nature um also id love to learn how to cook different foods and maybe can teach me their language. Thanks in advance oh and no racism plz. Also has to be acceptive cause im not perfect. Feel free to message me though
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Hi my name is Kwame, im looking for a nice attractive, kind-hearted, acceptive easy-going girl who also can be naughty and honest and truthful and cares bout me for who i am and wont try and force me to change but guide me. Im an easy-going person and acceptive of people but ive been hurt in the past. I just want to be able to spend my life with someone who is honest with me and wont tell me lies. Um also im not that good of a cook i mean i can cook a little its just cooking isnt my strong suite. I love to read and play video games but im really a nice person and friendly and i also dont like to argue in a relationship even amongst my friends i hate arguing and will try and find a peaceful way to resolve it. I also enjoy meeting new people and trying new things if possible. I also like sci-fi and fiction stuff. But i also watch stuff like forensic files and fbi files and even target mafia. Im always intrigued by japenese and chinese music as well. Id love to see art from japan and china if given the chance. So um plz bear with me ok. Also im a little shy but seeking an asian woman ages 20-30 who is fun caring and an all round nice person. Also i like to play video games but i love reading and getting to hang out. Id love to be more outgoing and learn new things so dont hesitate to message me. I like Asian culture such as japanese and chinese traditional music it helps ease my mind. I may not have a job atm but i still like to get out when i can and have fun. I enjoy manga and some anime but my favorite fictional series to read is harry potter id love to get the entire book series so i can share my love of it.

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