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I am a simple man, I enjoy the small things in life I am really trying to find a soul-mate someone who wants to be with me for the remainder of our earthly lives. I was a professional musician and worked hard for many years attempting to make a successful career, however I was struck with an auto-immune disease and other health problems which put a halt on my career having a physical illness caused me to no longer be able to drum for hours anymore, and because of that I am considered disabled. I have a lot to offer the right person I am an empath who loves unconditionally and can give the right person a lot of love and comfort, I not just a musician but a writer and artist I have an old soul, I have an extensive knowledge about many subjects I spend many hours daily studying, I am also well versed in botany and grow plants and a number of gardens every spring and summer, I have studied law, crime, criminal law, psychopathy, theology, the occult, electronics, and many many subjects. I love animals but in particular cats so that would be a MUST!! but I love all animals and try to stand up for their rights. I have my faults no one is perfect I have made mistakes in my life some that I still suffer the consequences of, but I can offer the right girl a lot of LOVE and a safe and happy place to live and start a life together. I am not looking for a long-distance relationship you would have to be willing to move here and begin your life a new, I would not however ever separate you from your family, family is a HUGE deal too me and I understand that to most family is a big deal, I am not a rich man I cannot offer a bunch of riches and a life of luxuries but I can offer a deep connection, and a ton of love and a happy home life. I would love to hear from a wonderful lady who might find interest in me despite my imperfections who would be willing to join a lifelong bond and a lifelong journey. I have a few simple things that would be required if you were interested in me! That is that you would be willing to move here with me and start a relationship, you can't have children from another marriage, and be an open-minded person with a willingness to learn about different things. Other than that I am open minded to most persons. Their would be a discussion about marriage arrangements if we were to get to that place, which is ideally what I am trying so hard to find. I am accepting of most people and would love to hear from you! If my words seem to strike your mind PLEASE WRITE TO ME!!!

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