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Mount Pleasant, United States
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5' 11"
Dark brown
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Some college
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Technical / Science / Engineering
Arts, Dancing, Dining, Family, Movies, Listening to music, Reading, Watching sports, Theater, Travel, Cooking, Gaming, Television, Gardening, Crafts, Playing sports
Honest, respectful Man looking for his one and only.
Looking for:

Almost normal guy that is ready to move on with his life. I am secure in my life both financially (good career with over 22 years) and mentally (ready to share everything about myself). My last long term relationship failed and for many years I blamed myself when it was the alcohol that took her away. I have always believed that love conquers all and if you both love each other as the most important thing in life you will succeed. Now I know when someone is addicted to alcohol there is only 1 love in their life and it is not a person. Even so it has taken years to move on as she was the one and if not for what happened we would probably be married. If you are a heavy drinker or use it as a crutch when life kicks you, I am not the one for you. I can't watch it happen again and know I can't help someone that does not want help.

Enough of the sad what ifs and depressing history. Outside the one that failed I have had good long lasting relationships. One relationship ended with marriage to my best friend and blessed us with two great children that are now grown up making their own way through life. While we are not married now she is still one of my best friends. No we will never be together again as I don't believe in moving backwards. She is not a threat and if you are the one I love that loves me you will meet her and she will tell you the same.

I don't keep secrets from the woman I love. I need my love to be the same. I don't need everything from your past all at once. I do want to know everything about you. What makes you happy, sad, insecure about the one you love and what kind of surprises and gifts make you smile for days. I find great joy and happiness in seeing and feeling how happy my love is and if I do it right see tears of joy. I don't ever want to cause tears of sadness and will never be the reason for such tears.

If I sound like your kind of man please feel free to write me. Tell me about you first and foremost please. Then ask anything you want to know. I will answer open and honestly within reason. If you start out asking things that are too personal right away I doubt I will answer them. If we are right for each other then yes they will be answered when it is right. I am a hopeless romantic that refuses to give up on love. I know I have one great love left in me and just need to find that woman to share it with. To laugh, love, wake in each others arms and treat the way she deserves to be treated.

Thank you and best wishes in your search,

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