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I am a gentle man with a big heart I feel having someone to give your heart to makes you strive to be a better person. I enjoy reading, movies and music. I read because it allows me to travel to another world or place in time. I love all kinds of music and am always looking to find new singers and bands to follow and enjoy. I love to cook and try new cuisine and would love to travel all over the world to try new cuisine and experience cultures I have not k own before. I feel one area of the world I am drawn to is Asia there is so much history there since the cultural history goes back many thousands of years. I work hard at my job and enjoy what I do, I work in information technology and enjoy the advancements in the ability for it to allow people all over the world to connect with each other. I do like to go out with friends for a movie or dinner. I enjoy going shopping and seeing something someone likes but will not buy themselves and see if it is something I may be able to give them as a gift. I feel life is to valuable to waste and I know i have much time to make up for. I am just a simple man looking to find the love of my life!

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