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I'm serious.
About Me:
April 27 1986, I was born with a heart disease that was suppose to take my life. The doctors told my parents that I wouldn't live to see the age of 5, but through the grace of God he was blessed to stay alive.
After a episodes of heart surgeries, I was limited on my physical activities, keeping me from playing any kind of sports. I found a love for music from watching my older brothers make music.
I pored my heart into my music, and treated it as if it was a sport.
I had 2 children in my last year of high school. I decided to drop out of school to become a stay at home parent, while the mother of my children continued to attend school.
In 2007 I had married my high school sweetheart. I wanted to provide for my family and a 9 to 5 job was hard to come by, so I decided to apply myself to the street life. 2 years later I walked in on my wife with another man, and committed crime of passion, and was sentenced to 5 years at 50% in the Illinois state penitentiary.
To me I had caught a blessing for my case to be dropped from atempted murder, to aggravated battery with great bodily harm. I took my jail time as a sign from God, telling me to sit down and take a good look at my life. I had too much going on, and I acted on a lot of things without thinking. July 7, 2011 I was released for prison, and come home to a whole different world. On top of the changes, the muscles in my heart started getting weaker, and my heartbeat was over 130 bpm. When I went to my first doctor appointment my doctor decided to admit me into the E.R., because he couldn't get my heart to slow down. After a 2 shock treatments surgeries the doctors told me I was at high risk of sudden death. Fearing for my life I cryed for the first time in along time with my brother and friends, after receiving the news. A few months later my doctors decided it was best for me to get a defibrillator/pacemaker installed as soon as possible. I didn't have any health insurance at the time, but being that I was only 26 years old I was eligible to be under my dad's health insurance to get my surgery paid for. I thank God I'm still here 2 years later.
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