Mitnik: Man in Ukraine Seeking Life partner

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Life partner
6' 1"
Light brown
Professional life
Some college
Employment status:
Computer related / Hardware
If you are honest faithful and loyal. Let me know.
About yourself:
Due to my bitter past experience of serching for bride online I would like to clarify some importante things at first. -I am Seventh-Day Adventist, SDA is Protestant Christian denomination. -I am a believer and my faith is important for me. -It is not a problem if you are not of my faith as my religion allows to marry girls from other religions because they may be converted into my faith, but I am looking for VIRGIN girl/woman. -I can only become your HUSBAND, not DAD, not SPONSOR, not GIGOLO, not PLAYBOY, not OLINE-LOVER, not FRIEND etc. -I will be making serious steps towards marriage, not excuses. The same I expect from you. -I don't cheat or lie niether online nor in real life when I am in official relation and in general. The same I expect from you. -I won't ask you to send me money. The same I expect from you. If I like to help I will offer. -I won't tell you any dirty things. The same I expect from you. Thank you for understanding. If you dislike something in written above or, you find written above offensive or, not fair, then, sorry, just skip my profile and ignore any messages from me, because I'm here, to find and marry an HONEST, FAITHFUL, LOYAL, MATURE girl. A girl that wants and is ready to start FAMILY and to become a good WIFE and MOTHER, who really needs a MAN and HUSBAND. A girl who really wants to spand her life with her man. A person which will be MAKING REAL STEPS for that. If LOVE, MARRIAGE, FAMILY, HUSBAND, HONESTY, LOYALTY, FAITHFULNESS really mean something for you, if these words, ideas are part of your system of values of your life, and you respect believe in this and seek this in your life then I definitely may be interesting for you.
Looking for:

To describe myself as a person I have to say that I'm just an average Christian. I'm able to be loving, honest, loyal, faithful.

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