Monrora: Woman in Myanmar Seeking Asian dating

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Taunggyi, Myanmar
Asian dating
Arts, Dining, Listening to music, Photography, Travel, Cooking, Playing music
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Once you get to know me, you will find I am outgoing, intelligent, ambitious, witty, caring, confident, and funny (trust me, I can make you laugh!). I believe in a positive attitude, good manners, treating others how you want to be treated, chivalry, and not looking at your cell phone when you're out with someone. Hobbies include writing, reading, drawing, the outdoors (LOVE the beach), yoga, lifting, and cooking (thai is my specialty). I'm at a point in my life where I would like to try new things (like wine-tasting or scuba-diving). I am background verified with a clean record.

What I look for in sd, is friendship, love, loyalty, someone that would be there for me communication, honesty, a bond, money and pleasure. For a mans needs to be satisfied as much as a woman’s needs..not financially”even though nothing wrong with that” but as a friend, hopefully someday more than friends..someone I can trust,someone with good moral and sense of humour,a genuine person and a deal sugar daddy,one that will respect and treat me a sb and treat me like the princess I wish to be.

we want good communication, the 100 honest truth, not just a talk here and there sd but someone to build a bond and trust with, lavish things as well like clothes,jewelry, and etc.. and most importantly affection like some hugs.. a real sd

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