Nauroz: Man in Australia Seeking Life partner

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Sydney, Australia
Life partner
Looking for my soul mate
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About Navroz
I am looking for that someone that I can feel and see the magical side of it. To be honest everyone has something magical about them.
Please reply only if you are living in Australia.
I am a kind hearted loving man who wishes to find the same quality in a woman, I am very young at heart and want to enjoy this life to the max with that special woman in my life, I enjoy travel when time permits.I am told that I am a good looking guy, but only you can decide this, every one has there own thoughts on what they like and love in a man, we all have our own different needs and wishes for love, Life should be one continuous event where the participants should be willing to take risks to achieve goals in work, social, cultural, sporting and romantic areas. What you put in is what you get back. Giving to people is important but you should not give in order to receive something back-give because you enjoy seeing the look of surprise and delight in the recipients face.

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