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My name is Nuno Miguel, Portuguese, 39 .I am a talkative person and I talk about everything and anything, I enjoy reading about everything that keeps my mind in perpetual motion in the acquisition of knowledge, I am attuned with my own senses and I assimilate everything I learn about the world, and my own surroundings.

I enjoy logical conversations, I am curious about the world and I am looking for a woman that enjoys talking about everything.

I am a Pisces, and as a Piscean, I can be Sensitive, Stubborn, Obstinate, someone that enjoys deep conversations, I really do wish to find a woman that is not afraid of talking her mind, someone that is not afraid of telling the truth.

I am a mere human being presenting the realistic side of what I am looking for and I am not here to squander anyone's precious time, therefore, if you like what you see, get in touch, perhaps we may/might have something in common, perhaps not, all that matters is, just talk to me to find out more about who I am, and we can discover how in tune we really are.

I am a Genuine, Extrovert, Respectful Individual who enjoys life to the very fullest, someone you can count on for anything, I am an Individual who does not criticize others for who they are or what they do.

Respect is what I seek from a woman, her commitment towards me, unremitting Love and Affection, I still believe in Love.

I'm not here looking for a Princess, or a Barbie, and I know for a fact that, there are beautiful women around the world, and this is a factual view, but, the most important thing is, to know a woman for what she is inside, and there are men who give importance great relevance to beauty, but, as we know, beauty does not last, hence, man has to conform and accept a woman from within, for what she truly is.

I have been single for a few years now and I have learnt to take my time to get to know a woman, my previous experiences taught me not to be in a rush, so, I do take my time to get to know someone.

I believe that, every human being has the right to fulfill whatever dream/s they have. Some of us do have dreams of having a better job, career, a family you can call your own etc..

One of my dreams is: HAPPINESS. what is that all about?-Well, HAPPINESS molds humans in such a way that,it brings them together, it makes them unique, it provides them with the ultimate goal of reaching their true potential in what they can become.

If your ultimate goal is HAPPINESS then, you have every right to have such happiness. No-one has the right to take that right away from you, just be positive, optimistic and believe in yourself, and with that final thought of optimism, you will undoubtedly be a fulfilled human being.

I am an individual who does have that goal of achieving Happiness, Be a successful human being in everything I do.

You as a person,as an individual with a soul, with substance, can achieve a lot in this life. I believe human beings should not be defined nor determined by what they can achieve, but what they leave behind.

If love is your ultimate goal, then, conquer it with every strength, every breath, be successful at it, do not tolerate others to put you down.

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