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Updated on 10/23/2017

Canadian Living In Asia Seeking a Unique Lady
About Me:
I'm very attracted and drawn to people from various cultures, diversities, languages and colours of many regions of the world.

I would love to meet a truly honest and sincere lady who has the best of heartfelt intentions. A lady who appreciates both the finer AND simpler things in life.

It would be wonderful to find and develop a friendship/relationship/activity partner/soulmate, with a genuinely grounded and confident lady.

A woman who is seeking a man who may have qualities she has always desired, but with an added 'a little something different' to offer.

I have a great deal of respect towards people and cultures from all walks of life. Therefore, it doesn’t concern me what part of the world you’re from.

I am a great listener, compassionate and passionate, adventurous yet grounded, and I can easily adapt to any situation and/or environment. Laughing is very important to me, as it enriches the soul.

I try to not take life too seriously within reason, as life is far too short for drama. I cherish romanticism. I can be assertive but not aggressive. I am rugged and masculine, yet can be sensitive, understanding and gentle.

My life consists of athletics, music, animals, literature, nature, photography, the arts, sports, international cuisine and cultures, most certainly travel, and many other aspects of life which does not consist of negativity, routine, ignorance and disrespect.

I have been told that I have an enjoyable and eloquent presence. However, I view beauty in many ways. Yes, one has to agree that there has to be an element of physical attraction when seeking a partner, but I believe the qualities ‘within’ a person is what really creates the bond and magnetism.

I must admit, staring into someone's eyes to whom I'm really attracted, is something that I miss dearly.
My ideal partner:
I am interested in meeting a lady who is self-assured, classy and well-grounded. A ‘best-friend’ who can adapt to various environments, and who can fit in comfortably in any situation. Somebody who doesn't take life too seriously, avoids drama, and who is open-minded and adventurous.

I'm attracted to a lady who can look sexy in jeans and a t-shirt, but who can look dazzling in an evening dress as well. I find appealing qualities such as soft and warm, yet edgy with a 'wild-side’. Somebody who can be sophisticated and graceful, yet also simple and non-pretentious. I really appreciate a lady who can show an equal interest in me as I would for her and who's also a good listener.

I'm attracted to flexibility, versatility and someone who is spontaneous and open to new ideas and interests. Somebody who likes to dance, enjoys a variety of musical genres, appreciates a fine dinner, or just a simple baguette and espresso. I appreciate a woman who is not too shy, and to be at times, a little silly and childlike, as laughter is important!

I would just love to find somebody who has a 'zest' for life! If you would like to be with a man who is self-assured, incredibly caring and conscientious of others, secure, grounded, respectful, sensitive, romantic, sensual AND whom you would like to have as a true unconditional friend for life.
I am:
Seeking a:
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Looking for:
Body type:
Dark Brown
6' 2"
Home and Family
Have Kids:
Want (more) kids:
Not sure
Professional Life
College Grad
Employment Status:
Hospitality / Travel
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