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Searching for you my love
About Me:
I will drink you with my eyes, hold you in my arms, touch you with my hands, and kiss you with my lips.
My heart is with you, while my body waits lonely here. Will you be my dream to keep me happy, and warm throughout the winter nights?
I live in the state of Maine, USA...
I am looking for a house wife, friend, companion, and lover.
I need a down to earth, simple, clean, loving, passionate, affectionate, and caring woman.

Thank you for reading my profile.

I also apologise to all the lovely ladies who can not speak English, because we must be able to communicate, and you will not be considered for that reason.

I appreciate all you younger ladies, but I don't know if a young girl is right for me. Although age is a physical thing.
There are many old souls in young bodies.
If you truly feel I am the man for you, then please contact me.
I wish to live in the USA. In the state of Maine.
If you have a passport, and you are interested in me please contact me. You have the fast possibly of reaching me here.
If, and when you contact me please tell me the truth.
I don't want to hear what you think I want to hear.
You will more than likely be wrong as I am not like most men. I am not main stream.
Tell me how you will treat me, and what you expect our life to be like.
Tell me what you need from me, and what is important to you.
Tell me what you will do for me, and to me.
I want to fix things, not fight about them.
We must always agree to talk, and resolve the problem if there is one.
I will always be honest.
I keep my promises.
That is why I don't make promises easily.
I am loyal. I will antisapate your needs.
I will not always know what you want, or need.
You must tell me at times.munication is vital to our relationship. I have to tell you honestly that you must want to be naughty for me.
I think being naughty to please your partner is important in a relationships. We must trust each other. I will care for you before I care for myself. You must care for me.
Know that you are my life, and I will defend you with my life. I will cherish, and treasure you.
We will first consider our needs, then our wants, and based on what we can afford we will act accordingly.
This will also apply to children. If we decide to bring life into this world. You may desire to be without child, or may lack the ability to conceive a child. My love is for you first. Our love can be just for us, and only us. We will decide together.
I have no idea how long it will take before we are together forever, but I would rather have you to dream about.
I think I need to believe in us.
Do you believe in us?

I am honest, and loyal.
I have a good job with good pay.
We will have a house.
I will not cheat on you.
I want you.
All of you your, hopes, and dreams.
I will open doors for you.
I will help you on with your coat.
I stroke your hair when we are close.
I will hold you tight when we sleep.
I will brush your hair.
I will hold your hand.
I will share my soul with you.
We is Us...
I will give of myself to you.
My deepest desire is to have true love.
I think I need a mature woman.
You should be dedicated to me as I will certainly be dedicated to you.

I am seek the light of my life, the woman who I will love, and treasure.
I search for the woman who will love, and cherish me.
I desire a willing lover, who is passionate, and eager.
I deserve a woman who will be my equal, and who do the things I can not while I provide food, shelter, and transportation.
I love Chinese food, and wish for a woman who is a qualified cook.
We will live in a rural area close to the ocean, and in the forest.
We can kayak, and swim.
There are many hiking trails.
There are lakes, and rivers, as well as the ocean to enjoy.
There is abundant seafood here and Lobster.
It will be cold here in winter.
We will keep one another warm.
We will have a garden, fish, and hunt.
We will see the beautiful country around us.
We will be on the water, and camp in Beautiful places.
I want a sexy, fit, passionate, house wife as a lover, companion, and friend.
I will protect you.
I will share all I have with you.
I will buy you nice clothes, and jewelry so you will feel beautiful.

Will you cook for me?
Will you clean for me?
Will you accompany me
in our travels?
Will massage me?
Will you dance for me?
Will you kiss me?
Will you hold me in your arms?
Will you cuddle with you?
Will you make passionate love to me?
Will you be my naughty girl?
I will respect you completely, but when it comes to
I want to give you awe. Can I not have my sweet sexy love maid?
I give all of my love, and a loyalty that is like a dragon guarding his treasure.
I offer every ounce of my being, for you.
Please tell me about the kind of wife you will be, and the life we will have...

If you have read my profile, you should know what I need.
I need a woman, who will clean, and cook.
I will, and I promise to love you, protect you, provide for you. Cherish, and adore you.
I offer everything I have, and everything I will ever have for you; the greatest love of my life.
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United States
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Single / Never married
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Hang Out
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Not political
Buddhist / Taoist
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