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Life partner
5' 6"
Dark brown
Professional life
Employment status:
Handsome guy seeks tiny beauty for job + relationship
About yourself:
all said above I love Jesus
Looking for:

I'm Seeking a Skinny girl very beautiful = can help provide for her needs

4'11-5'3 and 90-108 pounds, not a mother, 18-29, small nose

+ Travel!! and Travel costs covered, + visa, + trips!
+ accommodation,
+ Load,
+ internet,
+ food,
+ petrol,
+ tuktuk,
+ moto use
+ clothes
+ beauty salon
+ school fees
+ etc. SMALLER GIRL THE BETTER! (combination small+beauty+heart will win it)

Girls, get referral reward for finding this one 10,000 Peso!! 20,000 Peso more on month 6!! 40,000 Peso on month 12!!

Location: Cambodia. Visa paid and travel together to there.

= Super easy Job as Live in Housekeeper, massage, companion, light assistant.
+ Plenty of study time, relaxing at home.
+ Plenty of out travelling time
+ 2 companion trips paid a year somewhere like back home, or another country for business/leisure travel/holiday.
+ Can send you to school
+ Will take you to beauty salon, hair, nails, makeup, clothes, locally, etc.
+ You will have transport paid

- NO mothers, period. NO!!! No drugs, smoking, period. No rolls, no fat girls, no wide flat noses sorry good ladies so sorry but I'm a handsome one so I'm not being mean here just 8 billion people and I have a right to a proper match. No completely lazy pigs, no girl who wants to get fat, no girl who could ever accept being fat.
NO ASKING for money up front, phones, "help" etc. ONLY REAL applicants.
No showing up then "family emergencies and asking for $ etc". (wise to all scams huge list)
No girls talking this BS that looks/physical doesn't matter and don't need to give anything to your husband and if he wants then he is an A hole or something.
No ex-sex workers UNLESS you are 23 or less AND ALREADY LEFT it now for good, period, and you will not talk to any friend/prostitutes ever again. AND you did it out of desperation/no work, not for a third iphone 7
NO salary advances, no advance anything!
No side jobs or immediate termination.
No other boyfriends nor sopro male crushes etc.
Must be able to live without facebook, yes COMPLETELY without it, and use real phone on apps to your family/friends instead, email, line, whatsapp, etc. REAL as opposed to FAKE virtual.

- Acceptable ages are 18-29
- Must have flat tummy, small nose, small butt, hip bones, like excersize, not sloppy body, great looking, no big face moles, would love to go to gym, or swim, take dance, etc and get in even better shape. MUST want to be very skinny always. A nice handfull of cup for an average hand size man, not flat, sorry. Must want long long hair. Good smile.

You don't have to have huge boobs, thats fine for a skinny girl. But you have to have a tiny waist/tummy, and nice nose/beautiful face, and small bum/thighs.

- Very Strong possibility for marriage if a great gf. This is the ideal actually. She must WANT to give incredible wife in EVERY way to her man, same as the man wants to give to her. Would have to be completely wanting on her own because that is who she is, to lose all the baby weight in future and be a hot sexy wife for her husband and never divorce, never a broken family due to sloppy wife or husband ungiving unloving etc. Can't marry a falsie, sorry, givers only. Great gf is one thing and fine but marriage has to have a total giver in all aspects because I don't plan on slouching on a wife, marriage is supposed to be full on powerful real total love given and that is effort not "just whatever"

/ Man:
Good man/Gentleman, Not married, no kids ever. North American Man, Single for years waiting, Handsome, Not ugly, Okay hair, 40, good shape, loves the gym, will get even better if a gf, I will get a 6 pack if you get a depleted of fat pelvis and 6 also, will you??? everyone says wow look so young like 30, average height, good smile and eyes, don't get drunk, don't smoke, don't swear much, no tattoos, don't hang around with A hole men in bars with whores, very ambitious, very intelligent, way too busy for the games and can't stand the prostitutive mind girls at all and they can't stand me, we won't accept each other, can't even date. Can't find a partner so far. No one I know knows anyone of any quality whatsoever, churches have no attractive fit females above 22, and if 22 they all say age gap too much, and no one met a good quality non-prostitutive thinking or doing and physically attractive female 23+ who cares anything about love in the last 8+ years of life. Don't ask where is my wife, where are your friends who are high quality givers who chase good men? No one knows...I asked literally thousands of females if among anyone they know is there any girls like this? They all said, thousands of them, that they don't know even one like this, and many said never met, or even laughed and snarled insisting that it doesn't exist. I even hired people to look for me, no one found even one. You have any friends skinny, giving, loving, beautiful not dogs, no children out of marriage, who want to actually give to a good man and real love only one guy and don't only care about money? Ask them, the answer is no. If you have some, well then freaking introduce her already!!! She will get a job AND Travel, And a good dude who actually wants to marry someone.
+ Guaranteed monogamy, and such is expected also.
+ Doting/loving/sweet/romantic/kind/caring/charitable hopeless romantic type (this why single also)
+ Intelligent well educated, will teach many things.
+ A good lover of course.
+ Yes we can go to a catholic church sometimes
+ Yes I can help your family a little after a few years of being together within reason.

I am totally open to a temporary and not marriage. However I will keep looking during such if this is the case. Won't cheat as only a one at a time man. Values man. Don't fking lie to me or you are gone. Even one is too many. I don't lie to a woman, not ever. (also why single, too brilliant to not see the lie)

We can chat on an app and when you are a right match with pictures, then I will show mine. if you are not a right match, I will tell you and we both keep moving. Privacy assured. You will always have 100% honesty and no games.

If we are together, you can check my phone 24/7, etc. There will be no others, only one at a time, period. I expect same. Any less and you are gone.
I like tiny sexy filipina non-prostitutive with great heart. I could marry one. (yes they are rare I know and I never met one like this and only saw hints of it, thousands of sexy filipina whores inside phillipines and online looking for customer or trying to drag me into bars, but not one ever who wanted to know anything about me but get money that day, not even online dating sites not one not ever want to really give love to anyone, just a little pretense talk, but all fake, ugly ones with kids who give nothing sure they want to catch some sucker to pay for their life getting fatter on the couch and do nothing but who knows maybe strike Gold here God willing) Maybe just get a nice gf thats okay too.

Possibility to retire in 30 years etc in Philipines if it's still above water :D

P.S. A girl who chooses this kind of guy will get the kind of husband every girl ever dreamed of having...and the kind of father to our children, or a damn great bf for a while, we can enjoy...unless you wanted Brad Pitt, Cloony, 6 foot tall etc, lol, cant help you there lol, I will be great to you, give it my all and best.

God bless you...

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