Asian Women vs White Women: Some Differences You Should Learn


Asian Women vs White Women is the topic that people want to know. They are different in terms of lifestyles, relationship and marriage. Asian women and white women are not the same. This article will tell the differences between an Asian woman and a white woman.

asian woman vs white womanAsian woman vs white woman

Asian Women

Asian women are small, skinny, appealing and lovely. They have smoothly skin and beautiful smiles. An Asian girl has not only the physical beauty but also the good inner characteristics. The way she cares for her husband, look after the home, and take care of her children is the best. Most Asian women have different ethos about family than most of white women. They respect their parents and do not usually place their mothers or fathers in nursing homes. The parents have taken care of their children for the whole life so the children must take care of their parents in the last late years. This is what the Asian girls think and do. They are family oriented and consider family relationship the uppermost thing in their life. When choosing the right partner, most Asian females want to settle down a family. In terms of marriages, there are rarely divorces between Asian wives and men. They consider marriage is the life-time commitment so they always try to work it out. Most of Asian women will sacrifice themselves for the husband and children.

White Women

White women are beautiful and sexy. They are tall and bigger. White women are more independent than Asian women. They are stronger and more active. White girls will make their own decision instead of waiting for their husbands do it. In terms of relationship and marriage, White women are stronger. A White woman will get divorced if her husband does not make her happy. In the same situation, An Asian wife may stay with her husband because of the children. White girls usually put their parents in nursing homes. They think that nursing homes are good for their parents because of good medical stuff, nurses, doctors, etc.

Asian women vs White women is hard tell tell which one is better than the other.

Asian woman vs White woman

Asian woman vs White woman (Google image)

Some differences of White girls and Asian girls

Young White girls are so beautiful and attractive while young Asian girls are too skinny. However, when White women have a kid or over 30 years old, most of them turn out fat and their skin has many pimples and freckles. When skinny young Asian women have a baby, they turn out just perfect and they usually look younger than their actual age. Some of my Asian guy friends find White women attractive when they are in college. My White guy friends find Asian girls “cute” because of small and skinny figure. However, all my friends (Asian or White) conclude that Asian ladies look attractive and sexy when they have their first baby.

Some statistics have portrayed White girls as the most beautiful women on the world. They have better facial features and exotic blonde hair as well as blue eyes that make most of men to get lost in that. I agree with that only if when they are young or Hollywood stars who know how to take care of their bodies to stay in shape. I think Asian ladies are incredibly appealing and sexy. They are in general skinnier, shorter, more petite and feminine than White girls. I personally like Asian women (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Singapore, Cambodian, etc) much better than White women for marriage.

Young White Girl

Young White Girl

From general point of view in the media, white girls are portrayed as the highest standard of beauty. I have dated a white girl in the third year of college, she was so attractive. She was 20 years old by that time. I have dated a few Asian girls in the first and second year of college but none of them are as attractive as the white girl. Her body was perfect with beautiful female curves. However, I was disappointed by the time I met her mother. She was about 48 years old and she was out of shape, weighted about 170 pounds. I thought to myself, “really!”, “is my girlfriend like her mother when she gets to that age?”.

White girls have prettier facial features, exotic blonde hair and blue eyes that Asian girls don’t. I think most Caucasian ladies don’t like to cook. They prefer to buy food from fast-food restaurants like McDonald, Burger King and etc or ready-to-make foods at Safeway, Giants and other super markets. Generally speaking, Asian girls are the best housewives on the world. Most of Asian girls were trained to cook and housekeeping when they were young.

In terms of romance and sex, White girls are much better than Asian girls about getting into “bad boys”.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. newsflash, us asian women are not put on this earth to serve your every need. stop listening to every stereotype ever. are there fat asian women? yes. are there white women who stay in shape their whole lives? yes. does every asian woman wish to serve her man’s every burning desire? hell no. this article, with good intentions, make me furious, but I then realize that asian woman are known for being submissive and good to keep around the house for cleaning, taking care of children, etc.

  2. Im Filipina married to a chinese man very younger than me,, ive seen alot of wmaf and amwf but me i only want Asian who is poor and simple.. Im happy my husband doesnt like white women im disgusted with these kind of couples i only want inside my continent. I even feel disgusted with my mom prefering white men for me. There were some white girls who would say hi to him on fb and he pisses them off and tells them to go away. I dont know why these white are invading asia marrying the men and women here

  3. Eh which Jungle are u from? Here in Singapore the girls mostly can’t cook and expects you to get a maid and are aggressive.
    Heck they expect you to wine and dine with then and expects to give nothing back. Crap isn’t it

  4. Hahha is it written by a 20yo white guy? How can you judge that all white women get fat? I and many of my friend had a child we are after 30 and we look probably better than ever! I am still same extrasmall size as I was when 18yo. Ther are also many asian ladies who are bigger or very misshaped like bowed and too short legs. I like asian women for their hair thick and slick and I wish I could forever have this hair but otherwise I would keep my small frame with hourglass shape, green eyes and brown shiny hair. I feel independent, have great job, kid and loving partner. I also have asian female friends who are not as described here some of them are mean and fool around with men without being serious about them. Also white women from outaide of usa are very y different, we europeans love nature, we love to cool, not everyone leaves her parents in old peoples houses for god sake! My other friend was all sweet and quite till thye got merrier with white guy, now she is the BOSS he can not do or say much and we all laugh about it. It ia quite a sexsim to even make these comparisons. For me I either like a guy whether he is asian or caucasian or african or not. I dont summarise their flaws and beauties in excel table.

  5. This entire post and every comment on here has got to be a joke! Is this a meant to be a sarcastic/joke type post? That’s the only thing that would make sense. These comments are UNREAL. Are these comments meant to be serious? “Asian women are cruel and cold-hearted” LOL. Because you speak for all Asian women? Have you even been to Asia? I can’t believe this post could possibly be for real.

  6. I am Chinese Vietnamese girl . I am married Italian man. Since I was 17, I always dreamt to marry European man because they are very handsome, I watched some English movies, Listened us uk music, especially I watched a lof of football. I wish I married tall, blue eyes man. yeah, I had some relationship before I met my husband.
    I couldnt speak English the first. I was virgin and my first relationship ended fastly ( he was older than me 8 years) though we spent many days to understand each others but I didnt wanna lose my virgin, I realized I couldnt have any white boyfriend in this case.

    with second man, he didnt want to marry anybody, he didnt want to have children,( but I always want to have children in my mind so much, marry, …) after he met me, he decided to say goodbye to his 10 years girlfriend to stay with me. but I cant live with him because I have to stay with my parents. anyway, even day time, I cant stand him because he has trouble with himself about bedroom story. he said he loved me, he complained his gf has too big thing ( she talls only 1m60). he cried when I said good bye to him but 1 week later, he had another girlfriend who can live with him. ( he is older than me 16 years)
    my 3rd white bf was not handsome, he less talls little bit to compare with most white men, he is 1m73. but he is very kind, super smart, I cant find any dark part from him because he was so nice. but I was not his real gf or the girl he could be crazy in love with. he doesn’t like sunbath, he has perfect smooth skin. he loves party, he made big party in disco often. he has successful business . we ended up because he traveled so much, he was not about looking for serious relationship until he takes care of his business better as he wanted. he married with beautiful Chinese girl some years later ( he was older than me 7 years, his wife is younger than me 1 year.

    I knew my husband in internet and we married after 6 months since we met , we have 2 children. I am always in love with him. he loves children- me too. he is not afraid to marry- me either. he loves to talk with me about all subjects. he always smiles and not bored guy. he doesn’t like disco place. he can clean the house perfectly, he washed the clothes, cook some food. we some times stay together to watch football, we went cinema many times together… I love everything of him. he never complains that I have small eyes or flat boobs ( I have 53 c1m waist and 90 cm butt anyway ). he always told me that I am beautiful. I feel comfort and hold his hands to go anywhere in this world. I think the most important is when we marry somebody, we must be so much in love.

    about white woman. I know my mother in law , she is one of the best, lovely lady I ever know. she could speak at least 5 languages. after coming home from work, she cooks and cleans the house. She washes all clothes and iron them too. she takes care of flowers. she can make good cakes. she has big knowledge about medicine. she always gives me good advices for many things. she share with me a lot information of italian things : food, style, culture….She is very friendly and smile a lot. she always remembers what food I like, the type of clothes good for me to buy for me to surprise to make me happy.
    she helps me to look after the children many times.
    she met my father in law since she was 17 and they have 38 years marriage. she is faithful lady and care of family so much. modern and tradition, she has both. she is very sexy at her age 59.

  7. Asian women are mostly selfish, cruel, cold hearted and shallow. Get a white woman and avoid being used like a tool.

    • Sooooo ? Your saying that Asain mother’s are cold hearted? and cruel? Well everybody has flaws but dont be a streotype i admit it that some people are cruel

  8. I gave up on white women a long time ago. It was too difficult to find one that was not bitchy, spoiled, demanding, and cared more about her career than her family. I’m sure there are some good white women, but I had zero luck with them. Two of them cheated on me and begged for me back, but I declined. Another spent money like it grew on trees. Several of them was so moody all the time and they themselves did not even know why. It was like they were constantly on PMS. I feel deeply in love with one of them, and claimed she loved me too. Then she slept with my former business partner so I dumped her. Another one was an attorney and I found out she slept with her boss while I was recovering in the hospital from a motorcycle accident. So let’s just say I had no luck with white women. Then one day I met the most beautiful, loving, sweet and caring Asian women. She has the same traditional values as myself. She puts her family above anything else. She loves to cook, clean and just be a traditional women. She will not allow me to help with the chores, she believes it’s her responsibility to cook for her family and keep a clean home. She enjoys working out and keeping fit and attractive. She’s extremely feminine and understand behind every good man is a BETTER woman. I married her and I’ve never been happier. Unlike the white women I dated, when we have a disagreement, she does not yell or swear at me. She’s always respectful. We make major decisions together, but she understands I’m the head of the household. White women will never do that. I truly adore her and will love her until my final breath.

    • How pitiful yoi are the jead of the house? Wow are you hanging in 20s and viting for Trump for yoir values. If so por her and poor your female kids…

  9. This website is stereotypical, not to mention racist. Some Asian girls are gorgeous and some white girls are wonderful housewives. We are all equal!

    • My grandfather always said: “Every barrel has its rotten apples.” Yes, it’s true that there are good people and bad in every culture. So yes, there are exceptions to the rule. But OVERALL, I solemnly promise that I will NEVER EVER get into another relationship with another White girl. Actually, let me include Black girls and just say AMERICAN girls. Finding one that has not been corrupted by our American feminist, narcissistic, self-absorbed, sociopathic culture has really gotten to be a huge crap shoot. It’s just no longer worth the risk. The REAL problem is that all American girls put their best foot forward early in the relationship. And they can keep this facade going for a very long time. Then, after the relationship reaches that point of serious committment, the facade crumbles and the REAL monster reveals itself!

  10. The truth of the matter is white women is less likely to put up with shit but most Asian girls would !
    Asian has the worst body frame but good genetic so they age slower but they don’t have curves in general , not all !
    Every race is good and bad in some ways but Asian women grow up in hardship so they tend to sacrifice more in regard of family matters
    If u like beauty go for white , if u like marriage material go for Asian !!!

  11. This article perpetuates stereotypes and is a gross over generalization. It perpetuates both racial stereotypes as well as gender stereotypes. This article implies that all asian women are subdued and submissive and all white women are strong and agressive. This type of thinking contributes to holding women back in the workplace and society. Furthermore, this article does not hold steady geographic and cultural influences which are varied within asian and white cultures and among immigrants to other nations. On a more personal note if one were to judge you based in your gender, race or culture you would likely be appalled. If a female were to write a blog article claiming race of men are not good financial providers and tend to live at home with their mothers, this would likely offend and would not apply to all men of your race. What you have done here is the equivalent. Please take a college level course on sociology/social inequality.

  12. Asian girls are skinny,for sure.
    I am asian men.White chicks are easy to get,with big boobs and butts.You can get them to bed easily.Asian girls are not so easy to get.I am speaking for the real asian girls.White ones have weird skin and attitude.They will be in your bed 2nd time you date them.
    I WILL Always LOOk for WHITe Chick to have fun with and that whats asains men do,But never ever for the marriage.
    WHite chicks are easy…and meant to be played.
    Asian women are far superior to western in terms of family and,Hey its the family every one wants.
    Asian women has small breast,that looks kind of stock product.Western chicks usually has big boobs due to the courtesy of overuse.
    I LIKe Virgin and brand new.

    • LOL white women aren’t attracted to asian men. Everyone knows that. They’re short, skinny, socially awkward, lack masculinity and have no personality. An Asian man is LUCKY if a single white woman is even interested in him, let alone sleeps with him

  13. Oh stahp.. who are we to define beauty? do we have a standard test to tell this skinny/fat asian girl or that skinny/fat white girl pretty or ugly –like a score of 0-100%? we don’t. I’ve seen pretty white girls dating butt ugly asian guys. As an asian guy I know what’s defined as asian standard “ugly”.

    Guys, I think what you’re looking for is intelligence. In this modern day world, we have a standard for intelligence graded right from preschool, high school, college exams and even the mensa society to ‘grade’ people -men or women, no matter what color or gender they are, no matter ugly or good looking. Who want’s to date a dumb partner and breed dumb kids? any takers? then ask yourself, who want’s to date an intelligent partner and breed intelligent kids to continue your legacy?

    I’d personally prefer white girls not for beauty, but for their independence, quick wit and sense of humor, I get bored too fast with asian girls -that’s like 10years of accumulative flying hours of dating asian chicks.

    That said, definition of pretty/ugly should be striked off the list if you’re looking for a match. Go for the brains first, beauty second. If she’s fat but smart, you can work with that, bring her to the gyms and workout. There are plenty of ways to fix looks and I think there are a whole bunch of comments mentioning most of them up here.

  14. I think it all depends on the individual , But many white girls are not good in
    relationships , they are good in fling and sex and hanging out. Asian women
    want a family kinds . What women generally don’t like to have many kids
    one or 2 at the most . Asian women they sometimes have 5 or 6 kids . Unless the white girl is a farm girl and a small town person country living , she would have lots of kids but that percentage is rare . I think asian women are better houseswives in general then white girls but not saying all white girls are not good wive but many are bad in relationships lets put it this way

  15. Everyone in this comment section is disgusting. White women are not and never will be the most attractive, neither will Asians, because there is pretty and ugly in every race. Get over it. What is truly disgusting is that some of you have the nerve to imply that Asians are inferior to you. White women, nobody in Asia wants to look like you. Don’t flatter yourself. Yes, some do get eyelid surgery, but you get tans, lip fillers, breast implants, butt injections, perms and so on. Does that mean you want to look Latina? No? I didn’t think so. White men, nobody will have sex with you because you’re white. Many Asians will be looked down on just because they don’t date inside their ethnicity (Korean, Japanese etc.). You are no difference and you’re race doesn’t suddenly mean everyone wants you. Get over yourselves. The white men that date Asian ladies date them because they want to. Not because they can’t ‘afford’ white women whatever that means. White women aren’t superior to anyone. Mama June is fat and butt ugly and Im Yoon Ah or Krystal Jung are gorgeous natural Asian beauties. Many women is Asia have plastic surgery…but so do many white women and white hollywood stars. Liposuction, implants, fillers, botox, heavy makeup, and hair extensions the list goes on. This is what I get for trying to find actual scientific differences between the two races. Interesting how racist whites specifically look for sites like this just so they can be racist and how an Asian man really wrote this article to make Asian women seem better. As if that was possible. Damn I hope you’re all 89 year old idiots so you’ll be dead and forgotten by the time I’m an adult.

  16. First of all, the comparisons are rather unfair, don’t you think? You placed a fat Western woman next to a slimmer, prettier Asian woman. What were you thinking?!

    However, I’m an Asian, and I know that not ALL the Asians have plastic surgery to make themselves more “Caucasian”, most are perfectly happy with their Asian features. And we are most definitely NOT submissive, as opposed by the stereotypes created by the Westerns themselves. My smaller curves, strong jaws and almond eyes are my pride, and I am most certainly am NOT jealous of the more buxom, curvaceous Western woman.

    • I was looking for a good scientific based article on the differences between Asian and Caucasian woman. At least your response came close to what I was looking for.

      Thank You

  17. I am white. I know for sure that white women are not stronger than Asian women. Asian women are way way stronger and active. It is proven that an The Average Asian woman is much stronger than the average White man. That means an Asian woman can end me.

  18. Wow, such an ignorant article in every way. Puhlease on asian women looking better after a kid. Lived in asia for years, most women there arent pretty. Skinny doesnt mean pretty. Even after a kid or while in their 20s. The pretty ones usually have had multiple surgeries and wear a ton of makeup. And most of the asian women with kids are very boring looking. And on,the flip, there are many non asian women who are beautiful at every age. And using a picture of Mama June from Honey Boo Boo to represent white,women? That made me LOL. How about next time using a picture of any of the women from Maxim’s 100 most beautiful women, 99% are WHITE women on the list.

    And I love how the author knocks white beauty and them,I,see her picture and understand why. She isnt pretty, she wasnt pretty at 20 and she looks 60 now and is still ugly ass. An ugly article written by an,even uglier, jealous asian woman.

  19. I agree Asian girls don’t have the most delicate feminine features such as European or Latin women. Their jaws are generally wider, the eyes are smaller and farther apart and they don’t have nose bridges. The bodies are as straight as they can get on the human body. They are brainwashed to date a white man to have better looking children. They are a status symbol, for Asian women it is a trophy to catch a white man. The children however get the super strong Asian genes and don’t come out any different than their mothers and her family. The sexy “halfies” you see on t.v & stuff are a rare. Full Asian girls who are sexy have surgery to look good…I’ll stick with Spanish, Latina or Italian girls. Classy, loyal & sexy as hell!

    • Asian women doesn’t have surgery at all and you don’t know the truth about asian women so don’t be silly men !!
      And yeah Spanish ,italian ,european girls are beautiful ,sexy but some of them are rude ,drinkers,smoke,arrogant,without humble,drugs etc.
      In my opinion i think they’re bigger taller ,fat .they just attract their boobs ,ass . That’s why many white guys or latino guys want to dating with asian girl in present . 😉

      • Actually look at the statistics. The vast majority of white men and white women date and marry other whites. Most white men prefer white women, and most white women prefer white men. It’s the occasional white guy who likes asian, just like it’s the occasional white women who prefers black guys.

  20. Don’t flatter yourself. If asian women are so beautiful why do they try so hard yo look like white women? WHY DO THEY SPEND THOUSANDS on surgery?? Asian female bodies dont have a waist, they are straight, stubby limbs and no breasts. After 30 you can’t even see their eyes! DON’T FALL for that ‘they are submissive’ shit. They yell whenever things don’t go their way and are manipulative. White guys don’t fall for this BS.Don’t go waste your sperm…

    • Pls judging from your surname (correct me if I’m wrong) you’re asian yourself.
      Well even if your not it’s unfair to make hasty generalizations. I am asian, want to marry an asian, and am perfectly contented with my “slitty eyes”, “flat nose” and “nonexistent waist”.
      Yeah and we’re not submissive.
      Pls don’t pass such hurtful judgements. Asians are not inferior in any way, shape or form.

    • ohh dude where have u been??!
      haahah ur comment looks so dumb man.
      You know what? …most of asian women doesn’t wear too much make up like european women ,they looks natural beauty. and they skinny,natty also has a perfect skin without freckles.

  21. I’m a white european guy I dated once a asian women, after all white women doesn’t attract me anymore. I can’t say why, but asian lady got something inside.

  22. bit unfair white uk female seeeking asian last partner who i sadly lost was malasyian.i was totally faithful and looked after him in every way.there is good and bad in cannot judge one against another.

  23. I wrote about Latina vs Asian how the less desirable attributes that generally fit lamina’s are much more pronounced in white women as far as what I can afford like the guy a couple places above I can afford whatever I am attracted too, I spend months at a time traveling Asian countries where the ladies are just so fun and approachable many times approaching me asking to have a picture taken with me what a ice breaker, my favorite are Vietnamese beech bunnies, most are educated and curious, I don’t like girls too thin as well but the great thing is at least they usually keep there sexy figures forever and waif is so way better than the cows in the USA yeah cant afford the cow she eats too much and she stinks lol Hispanic ladies can be very sexy wonderful exotic and passionate creatures, they have much more tendency to get heavier also have more propensity to pick up other bad habits, are much more common than with most Asian women, but each lady is different. Overall I like Chinese and SE Asia ladies they laugh more and are generally more humble and dedicated and eager to please, they expect less from there man as far as where have you been type of explanations and wont LOOK fo0r drama, just don’t rub inconsideration in there faces and tey wont look for them they generally retain there sexy figured and youthful appearance longest, the Thai ladies that are city girls I would place at the bottom of the list of Asian ladies, but they can also sometimes be the best too this is just in general, anyone wanting a tour guide who will take you to places where ladies are very approachable I know where they lie the virgins that want husbands and the playful ones as well where a 55 yr old fat guy can have 23yr old exotic erotic beauties many times a day hit you up for fun and goo0d times always trying to keep you saying i can do for you if you want the tour of your life hbhale2000 at yahoo Brian…

  24. I am Asian female,Most clear differences between Asian and white females are hard to say now a days,as both tend to be as outspoken,opinionated,independent.but if i was to pinpoint one,i think Asian women tend to have inbuilt tolerance in general towards family and friends.

  25. Strange things some people say, men who date asian women cant afford white woman ??? what absolute nonsense, I date both, either, all. Attraction is in the individual, but overall chrateristics of asian and white lead me to be attracted to asian women more. Many white women tend to be drinkers, loud, agressive at times, and many tatoo or smoke YUK, many are grossly overweight in particular Americans.

    • Yeah cause white women are actually fun and have personalities and can hold their own, meanwhile asian mom at home doing fuck all expecting the man to pay.

  26. To tell you the truth, white women vs asian girls is hard to tell. White women are sexier because they have full breasts and butt. Asian women are so skinny.

    • Asian women consists mainly Japanese, Chinese and Filipinos. Chinese women is much stronger than white women but western men do not know since they watch too many hollywood movies.

      To say that white women are fat after 30 is half true. But Asian women are less attractive to begin with – fat or not – it is a draw when white women become fat. Do not forget that 50% of white women are not fat beyond 30. White men get fat too but it seems like Asian women only mention that white women are fat without mentioning white men.

      I have live in Asia for many years, I can attest that most, I again say most of white men who are into Asian women are mostly short, average looking or below. Asian women is very accessible to them. They slowly grow to have hatred toward their own women because white women do not give them respect or attention nearly as much as Asian girls. These short and average looking white men begin to bad mouth white women. I believe no one knows even one white man who cannot access heaps of Asian girls in Asia. To any whites, ugly or good looking, Asia is a buffet of sex, girls friends, lovers, etc. It is a candy store if you are white and you are into Asians. Asian girls should not deny the truth.

  27. You picked a beautiful Asian woman to compare with a white woman, then is is unfair. For me, Asian women are too small. I hardly find an Asian girl who is over 5’7.

  28. Asian women are not as active on bed as white women, which un-attracted to some men. Most Asian girls are inactive on bed. She just lie there and you are the one who drive the car all the way. Nahhh, I don’t like that very much.

  29. Asian women are better than White women because they are skinny, beautiful, sexy, and more loyal to love and marriage. I am an Asian girl so I know how faithful I am to my husband. My white female friends are not as honest as I am when they told me their stories…

    • I have dated many Asian girls in Asia because I live there for many years as an expat. I can tell you that they dirty little secret is that white women are actually a lot of conservative in sex.

      White women is only easy for good looking men but Asian girls is easy no matter how a guy look, just as long as you are white. To get Asian girls to bed is as easy as 1-2-3 but you have to spend the next three days listening her to preach to you how normally conservative she is. LOL, then you sleep with the next Asian girl as easy as 1-2-3, then of course, you have to lensen to another lecture. I would say if you are white and you are into the Asia looks, you can easy score on hundreds of Asian women – married or single – until you are physically exhausted. You won’t be able to do that in the US unless you are Brad Pitts. So to say that Asia girls is more conservative is the biggest joke. Do not watch too many movies and let the Asian girl preach to you. I heard the same pitch hundreds of times but it is always as easy as 1-2-3.

      • @ Eddie…is that so? Don’t generalize Asian women if you didn’t sleep with everyone. For sure that ladies that u slept with are either hookers or just looking for a white guy so they can go to the US. Next time, try to find an Asian woman who is educated and family oriented.

    • Maybe in Asia your Asian features are deemed more attractive, but in Western countries the consensus is that caucasian features are more attractive. There’s a reason why most western men prefer white women, and it’s not because they couldn’t get an Asian woman (we all know how easy that is, just go online there’s a million selling themselves for a green card).

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