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Rāwalpindi, Pakistan
I am Awais Muhammad Abbasi from Pendora, Rawalpindi. I am a
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Aslam-u-Alaikum Sir,

I am Awais Muhammad Abbasi from Pendora, Rawalpindi. I am a young man of 33 years old. I did Graduation and B.Ed, and One Year Computer Diploma in Information Technology. I am doing job in University as a Data Entry Clerk. I belong to Middle Class Family. I am already married, but I need another Sunni lady of 30 Years old for marriage. Who must has good Moral, manner of talking. She should must be Graduate, Obediant, Noble, Caring, Loving, Devoted, Co operative in every condition and Situation , Reliable and faithful. She must has the knowledge of all the rights of husband. Who can provide me full trust and always believe me, she never believes on other in any condition beside's me. Who would always accept me. It doesn't matter, if she is poor, orphan or any thing. I respect all ladies. If she is obedient, so she will lead her life with me happily insha allah.

I want to make nikkah in Masque with simple way according the Sunnat Ul Rasool Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). I need nothing, I don't need any type of Jaheiz, goods any other thing. I need always only her full trust, good moral, good manners, obedience, co operation, nobility, faithfulness and tolerance in every condition.


Awais Muhammad Abbasi

Cell # 03235273266

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