bebop123: Man in Canada Seeking Overseas Asians

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Edmonton, Canada
Overseas Asians
All nice women, like little boy with hand in cookie jar
Looking for:

*** Me- Moi- Single, white, male, 95, lonely, bored and tired of seeing my hair fall out and my teeth on the bedside table. Heh! I do not like to spanked. *** I have won many awards, issued by my fraternity at university. *** 1-Hobby - dissecting ants and kissing frogs. 2-Goals - yes, I used to play hockey. 3-Unique - no, I have not been fixed. I think my X would have liked to. 4-Music - I sing dirty songs in the shower. I'm really good at getting up at 2 in the afternoon. My mother always said I was good at everything. I love my mother.

Looking for:
I want to apply for the job. I have no experience whatsoever but I am willing to learner. Whatever you like. I will be your pet (or you mine). You should message me if you are a real woman built just right, over 21. No ridiculous backstage buttslapping at lingery shows and none of that sitting on your bodyguards knees. Yes, I can be serious.... sometimes.

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