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My name is Elizabeth a single Woman of 38 years of age without any child.I believe my friends would say that I am a matured decent woman, intelligent and disciplined, like to dress smartly and very conscientious of my look. I love to have fun and enjoy life most of the time, I am interested in someone with prestige, self respect and can respect others. someone we can share our lives and experiences, spend our time together exploring the world around us and see what life has to offer. I consider myself to be quite spiritual. I look much younger than my age as I have been blessed with good genes but I also take care of myself.I would like to meet someone honest, intelligent, witty and fun. Someone who is open-minded and appreciates my mind as well as my appearance.I will add pictures of me in my next message.I am looking for a Love that can fill my life. A Love with whom to share the day-by-day (special) reality and the long term projects. I am searching for a successful confidant man looking to have a relationship with a loving independent woman. I would love to meet someone that shares incredible chemistry. I love a man with a great smile and twinkle in their eyes. A boyish man who is also successful and strong.I would love to meet a man that is mature and fun. Someone who is caring and considerate, affectionate and loving.I am very sensual and passionate woman.I love mental and physical stimulation, one can`t go without the other. I love to cuddle, kiss, make passionate love to the man that I have chosen and that has chosen me, I enjoy pampering my man and making him feel wonderful about himself am Open to anything. I will wait for your immediate response as soon as possible.

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