Why are Filipinas seeking foreign husband?

I am telling you the truth of the reasons Filipinas looking for foreign husband. In fact, this is true for poor class or under middle class Filipino girls who live in the Philippines.

1: They believe that this is the fastest way for them to get out of poverty.

Filipinos in general are deeply attached to their families and most of them will do anything to improve the lives of their parents and siblings, including marrying for money. Ask any Filipina why they have chosen to marry older men who are foreigners and the likely response will be because they need the money. Marring into wealthy families is an age-old practice, and Filipinas are not much different from those who see marriage as merely a business transaction.

2: They seek older men because they know that they are much more willing to be in that kind of relationship.

Nobody really dreams of spending the rest of their lives alone, and single older men are no exception. These men are still hoping to spend their lives with someone, even just as a life partner. It doesn’t matter to the men if there is no mutual affection or love; they just don’t want to be lonely. Filipinos are known to be naturally caring and affectionate people so these foreign older men are naturally inclined to seek them out for relationships.

And Filipinas seek out these older foreign men because they know that these men are willing to spend money on them.

It’s really a mutually beneficial relationship and both of them know it.

3: The men’s ages play a crucial role.

Relationships are always risky and those between Filipinas and foreign men are no exception. Sometimes, cultural differences get in the way and this may affect both parties negatively. It’s not unheard of, and most Filipinas know it, that there are instances where men are physically and mentally abusive to their partners. The women know that getting into a relationship with a foreign man is a huge gamble and to play it safe, they choose to go with older men because they have this thinking that if they have to sacrifice a lot or even get hurt, at least it won’t take that long because time is already not on their husband’s side.

4: The impression that these men are financially well-off.

Many women, especially those who have had poor educational backgrounds, have this notion that they need to marry foreigners because they have more money than Filipinos. For them, foreigners earn dollars and this means they have more wealth. After all, Filipinos unfortunately have this mindset deeply embedded in their culture that the only way for one to earn a lot of money is by going abroad. This is why these Filipinas have the impression that all foreigners are rich, and that by marrying one, they can have better lives and eventually buy whatever they want.

5: They have the belief that they will eventually learn to fall in love with their husbands.

Although most Filipinas enter relationships with older foreign men because of financial reasons, there are still those who do it out of love or in hopes of learning to love them eventually. They are women who believe that to fall in love is a choice, and that loving their husbands is something that they can learn to do in time.

andy.suh, 19800817, Chelsea, Brompton, London, United Kingdom

Nice article. Permit me to add
#6. Talking about the taste of women in the Philippines, it is necessary to use this word "perfect". They know how to combine colors and fashionable clothes that make young people click their tongue in praise. For husbands, they take great care of them. I have a friend from Manila who tells me that his wife takes care of every piece of food, sleep and even the bed story is wonderful. She brings towels and clothes for my friend every time he takes a shower, and even wipes my friend with a warm towel. I think that the Philippines women take care of their husbands perfectly.

Joansuh28, 19900910, Tampa, Florida, United States

I think Filipino women are looking for a good foreign man who can take care of the family. No money no love and no money no happy.

johnniesong, 19731220, Guiyang, Guizhou, China

I like Filipinas. Write me a message.

Yvonnesong, 19890403, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Of course, most Filipino women who live in the PHilippines are seeking better life opportunity so they marry foreign guys to have that chance.

MissYang27, 19950413, Afonso Cláudio, Espírito Santo, Brazil

If a foreign man is seeking an Asian wife, then I'd recommend Korean women. Period.

Marshasuh, 19810402, New York, New York, United States

Yes, you're right about Filipinas. Most of Asian girls are looking for true man but financial security is a plus to keep your marriage relationship safe for future.

Jim40, 19800305, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I love Filipinas, what're you talking about? Not all of Filipino women are gold diggers. They are submissive and family oriented.

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