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Posted on 03/12/2018

Wheelchair Guy
About Me:
Hello. I'm GARY, I am 5 ' 4 in and about 160 lbs. I am 69 as of 19th, August 1948. I do not have any University or College Degrees. I only got a half a year of grade five !!!!!! I learned all my jobs on the job. I worked for the CITY of EDMONTON for 33.345 years. I live on a SMALL PENSON !!!!!!!!!! I was also into Record Management and Administration Program. I am also retired as of August 19th. 2013, because of me being in a wheelchair !!!!!!! I am sorry I could NOT have children because the way I was BORN. I am a CATHOLIC - CHRISTIAN. I am also a member of the Knights of Columbus a Secular Franciscan or a LAY ORDER in the Catholic church. I hope no one minds I am in a Wheelchair ??? I hope we could be Friends anyway ????? I live in Edmonton AB. at St. Thomas Health Care Center, which is an assisted living PLACE. I am also a Widower since 2010. I am Sorry I only speak ENGLISH. I am NOT here SEX for FUN !!!!! I am NOT here for a LONG time, NOT a SHORT time. I am looking friendships and Companionship !!!!!!!!!! I am MORE parsaL to BBW women [ BIG and BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ] Soooo I would love to meet Some BBW WOMEN some day !!!!!!! I know I am NOT perfect But I am very LOYAL to the right WOMEN I hope my SPELLING mistakes will not ANNOY you. I am also looking for some is or near my age of 69 years old or thereabouts. I could go young as 50 years old WOMEN !!!!! I also looking a WOMEN with god in HER life. I am looking for a WOMEN of my age of 50 and up to 78 years young. I am NOT interested in WOMEN under 50 " PLEASE " I am sorry I do NOT DRIVE anymore " because of my disability
I am:
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Native American
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Looking for:
Hang Out
Home and Family
Professional Life
Attend Services:
More than once a week
Political Views:
Very conservative
Christian / Catholic
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  • Posted 6 months ago
Hi :)