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Posted on 09/18/2015

About Me:
hello everyone her, a great pleasure being able to surf and explore many faces of people in this website. im janice born from Philippines and seeded with filipina beauty,attitudes and pure heart.i have lot of stories to share but i keep it sort.i tried difficult life but keeping STRONG is always the answer so that life in order.and still manages and think positive so can feel tangible and an achieve the possible.i love to coook,played sports,i have job i love taking care of children,i never been married,but tried failure relationship but as they say never stop trying .looking,hoping,and searching. other say also don't look for LOVE it will come in the right time,but guys you know what in my mind the number of my ages is getting higher if i couldn't fine the right one i'll end up single forever ..OMG that is so sad and why can't i try the possible way i can not guarantee that man could like me right away its a matter of communication.exchanges past life experience until future comes maybe furtunate. i have to believed it will come true despite of our world wide social network were people searching different views .i am not fan of church activities anymore but i have GOD in my heart . i am not pretty ,don't have soft skin,but i have loyal heart,i can understand,i love to smile i can not changes the people and friends around me but i can changes the person that i choose to be around.which giving them time,
Loving of my family is my constant reason to go on everyday.i'm thankful and grateful in life i can stand in the worse of time.i work hard,i have warm heart filled happiness and i am sweet person. but i am extremely lonely ,living alone distance with family ,friends,and relatives it is so difficult to endure everyday. that's why looking for my partner her.
My ideal partner:
im not looking for someone who has everything but someone who has time to spend with me more than anything,if you are a SINGLE DAD is a (BONUS) i am looking for a happy person who can give me a beautiful feeling knowing that if we both communicate and maybe closer together and get to love each other one day my loving heart for him is SAFE,and CONNECTED,it doesn;t matter what your doing or who are where you live,where you from,bcoz there is no boundaries if YOU AND I destined to meet and live for lifetime.if you have many girlfriends then dot waste my time.if you can't travel then forget it.i am looking for a MARRIED MINDED PERSON.ONE SIDED LOVE,where i can start builidng love,like, that maybe one day i can take care of you,intimacy and able to hold.make you smile,happy,laugh and share time where each day each moment if worth,and that his love from the deepest pit of his heart he will fine his paradise in my arms.i am confident that somehow,somewhere still in this world or in this site.a GOOD-HEART PERSON never mind with liars,ages doesn't matter to me,and what you look like ,just be YOU despite all argue,moody swings despite all mess in my life as long as you accepted me,mentally soulfully and spiritually compatible.i wish i could found someone her who is TRUE to his self not FAKING, if you have a SKYPE better to drop in a messages box before chatting.i am very busy person sometimes long time i can't be online but i can give you time .i am not perfect human being.i am nothing compare to other girls her and there,i'm poor not beautiful,im ugly but at least i am REAL.and TRUE.i am a person you could talk easily you don't get bored.but maybe sometimes when i have problems.i really hope to find my soul-mate to be my friend,close friend,best-friend, and a lifetime HUSBAND soon to be,were i couldn't ever ever and never let it go and they same thing for him.if you are SEXUALLY ACTIVE just for fun forget it you account will automatically block and remove.i won't force my self neither to have space in your life but when you know my worth im pretty sure you'll create ONE for me no need for you to impress me with things and your looks i am not her for shop but im rooting for you GENUINE and SINCERE HEART
I am:
Seeking a:
Zip code:
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Looking for:
Hang Out
Body type:
5' 1"
Home and Family
Professional Life
College Grad
Employment Status:
Sales / Marketing
Attend Services:
Only on holidays
Political Views:
Not political
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  • Posted 4 years ago
Its true girl, you really don't need to ask for their attention cuz who ever has eyes will probably see your worth
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  • Posted 4 years ago
Hi Janice,
Have you looked in the mirror lately? How could you possibly think you're ugly? You're very beautiful. Well, based on just 1 photo. Are you not the beautiful woman in this photo? If you are, I assure you, you're far from ugly. If I were 20-30 years younger, I'd be interested for sure. And BTW, I believe I am qualified to judge beauty having met women from 3 times as many countries as you are years old. Re-write your profile & make it positive. Acknowledge your beauty, inside & out