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wel wat can i say abt myself.....hmmm m to talk alot...hate being 2 meet new and interesting ppl...and dont care wat ppl say abt me coz only i noe myself... :)..i just believe that life is short so every one should just enjoy life and not be buzy bodys in other ppl's life.
i talk a lot.
i cheer a lot.
i can be slow but i can be really quick too.
but i have very VERY revolutionary thoughts.
i like being me.
although me isn't a very perfect person.
i'm old fashioned in the way i think.
but i think women rule.
a man with brains is known as a woman.
get it?
i dont have girl-friends.
i appreciate people who know how to dress up.
i like dressing people up.
it makes me (:
i prefer happy people.
it'd help if you're not looking for a fight.
i'm not different.
i just think different.
there's a clear cut difference.
i can't change me.
YOU can't change me.
you definately can't BE me.
i'm too busy being me.
i'm VERY contradicting.
i think you can see that.
i like people who talk about me.
nice and mean things about me.

I'm not perfect, I’ve made mistakes. I’ve taken the easy way out. I've lied to my friends. Because that's what we do. That's what we've always done. We list our faults like a grocery list, and we move on, expecting everything to somehow change itself. It never will. I will always make mistakes.... I'm just a boy
who lives life day by day and always manages to put a smile on my face.
Live right now, just be yourself. It doesn't matter if it's good enough for someone else… When the entire world is telling you 'no', tell yourself 'yes' ten times louder.
If people say something about you... Judge you as if they know you... DON'T GET AFFECTED! JUST THINK: Dogs don't bark if they know the person... !!!!

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