Asian Girls vs White Women: Some Differences

Asian Girls vs White Women: Some Differences

Asian Women vs White Women is the topic that people want to know. They are different in terms of lifestyles, relationship and marriage. Asian women and white women are not the same. This article will tell the differences between an Asian woman and a white woman.

Asian Women

Asian women are small, skinny, appealing and lovely. They have smoothly skin and beautiful smiles. An Asian girl has not only the physical beauty but also the good inner characteristics. The way she cares for her husband, look after the home, and take care of her children is the best. Most Asian women have different ethos about family than most of white women. They respect their parents and do not usually place their mothers or fathers in nursing homes. The parents have taken care of their children for the whole life so the children must take care of their parents in the last late years. This is what the Asian girls think and do. They are family oriented and consider family relationship the uppermost thing in their life. When choosing the right partner, most Asian females want to settle down a family. In terms of marriages, there are rarely divorces between Asian wives and men. They consider marriage is the life-time commitment so they always try to work it out. Most of Asian women will sacrifice themselves for the husband and children.

White Women

White women are beautiful and sexy. They are tall and bigger. White women are more independent than Asian women. They are stronger and more active. White girls will make their own decision instead of waiting for their husbands do it. In terms of relationship and marriage, White women are stronger. A White woman will get divorced if her husband does not make her happy. In the same situation, An Asian wife may stay with her husband because of the children. White girls usually put their parents in nursing homes. They think that nursing homes are good for their parents because of good medical stuff, nurses, doctors, etc.

Asian women vs White women is hard tell tell which one is better than the other.

Some differences of White girls and Asian girls

Young White girls are so beautiful and attractive while young Asian girls are too skinny. However, when White women have a kid or over 30 years old, most of them turn out fat and their skin has many pimples and freckles. When skinny young Asian women have a baby, they turn out just perfect and they usually look younger than their actual age. Some of my Asian guy friends find White women attractive when they are in college. My White guy friends find Asian girls “cute” because of small and skinny figure. However, all my friends (Asian or White) conclude that Asian ladies look attractive and sexy when they have their first baby.

Some statistics have portrayed White girls as the most beautiful women on the world. They have better facial features and exotic blonde hair as well as blue eyes that make most of men to get lost in that. I agree with that only if when they are young or Hollywood stars who know how to take care of their bodies to stay in shape. I think Asian ladies are incredibly appealing and sexy. They are in general skinnier, shorter, more petite and feminine than White girls. I personally like Asian women (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Filipino, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Korean, Singapore, Cambodian, etc) much better than White women for marriage.

From general point of view in the media, white girls are portrayed as the highest standard of beauty. I have dated a white girl in the third year of college, she was so attractive. She was 20 years old by that time. I have dated a few Asian girls in the first and second year of college but none of them are as attractive as the white girl. Her body was perfect with beautiful female curves. However, I was disappointed by the time I met her mother. She was about 48 years old and she was out of shape, weighted about 170 pounds. I thought to myself, “really!”, “is my girlfriend like her mother when she gets to that age?”.

White girls have prettier facial features, exotic blonde hair and blue eyes that Asian girls don’t. I think most Caucasian ladies don’t like to cook. They prefer to buy food from fast-food restaurants like McDonald, Burger King and etc or ready-to-make foods at Safeway, Giants and other super markets. Generally speaking, Asian girls are the best housewives on the world. Most of Asian girls were trained to cook and housekeeping when they were young.

In terms of romance and sex, White girls are much better than Asian girls about getting into “bad boys”.

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Ritawoodsider, 19930105, Akiachak, Alaska, United States

I agree with you about skinny Asian ladies vs Caucasian ladies. We keep ourselves in good shape even after we had babies.

Yvonnesong, 19890403, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

White woman vs Asian woman is very hard to tell. It depends on guys who tell which one is suitable for them. Many old guys get married with Asian women because they don't have a chance with white women.

Marshasuh, 19810402, New York, New York, United States

Really? Some guys think that Asian women are too small. They are like 5'2 - 5'3 tall. Some guys don't like small bodies hiiii.