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Hi, for those of you that you know you share the interest i do, i mean seeking partner for marriage only not just for fun catching or hangout Ok...! Mail me on this email address> Please note this, i don't want spam message or telling me lies. thanks alot!

Micheal Jayden

Micheal Jayden, For contacting me

Yes, on this website there is great number of singles but few of them as real in life, So with that am totally confused with the outraged number of fakes and scammers profiles on this site. that is Why am seeking consultant help from you to please connect me with somebody that is trustworthy, reliable woman on this site whom i can share my affectionate love with throughout my life. I don't about the woman profession and home background or the country in which she might have come from, living alone here in America is not making any sense at all. I have the hope that you can do this for me by God grace!.

Micheal Jayden

Micheal Jayden, I'm in need of partner for marriage

I want a sugar momy i want sugar momy


Abolfazl, Sugar

Am abolfazl 34 year old iam single and i have not kids. I looking a serious relationship for marrige and i like keep my life in my future partner country because my country not good place for keep life and not freedom place so if i find a partner i will try to join to my future wife country if evry girls or womans or single moms want a start relationship with me iam ready i do not care my partner will be single mom i will safe him kids like my child. its my gmail and my hangouts id +989028880806 its my whatsapp number if anyone want can sent gmail or hangouts or whatsapp to me i will respond


Abolfazl, Serious relationship

This site is full of scammers useing other peoples photos, and trying to trick people into sending them money, every contact i have had has been a scammer, fake photos, and all telling the same false storys about themselves, stay clear of this site

Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas, Mr Clayton Thomas

Looking for someone loves and really wanted to be my wife


Ryan, Mama's

Hello, Let me send my sincere thanks to you for this useful research and dating site, which has helped me and my husband find each other in life, when we are both alone. On July 2, 2015, I registered my profile, I went to get acquainted, ask for a phone number, so him and I talk every day, feel like and love each other, on September 2, 2015, he returned from the US to South Korea meet me. I visited him and his family, on September 23, 2015, he returned to the US to work, and he and I still talk every day. On August 3, 2016, he returned to Korea to visit me, he and I traveled to Singapore, in September, the wedding was held.In December 2016, my husband submitted a petition to ensure that the couple could reunite. I hope you will guide me to send me proof for a VISA interview. when I go to the interview, what information the consulate will need to know about the Asian dating website that you and I get to know and get together like now. Thank you very much! I wish you good health to manage this beautiful website. And I wish the single siblings soon find their other friends on the website to find online friends! My wife and I are always sincerely grateful to you!

Natas suh

Natas suh, Thank you for this dating singles service

I am a divorced woman and I am single who live in Bangkok Thailand. I heard that this Thai dating network is very serious and effective, so I want to ask the webmaster to help me find a man living in a foreign country such as America or Canada. I want to find a Western man living abroad as a friend and go further for marriage. His age or career doesn't matter. Money doesn't matter. 2 people love and understand each other, living happily is important. If I find a American or Canadian husband, I will give gifts. I will be an excellent housewife for him, treat him with respects and do whatever he wants me to do. Thanks. very much.

Nancy Lee

Nancy Lee, Help me connect with good single man

Hello, I write up these words to share with you. First I thank my daughter for signing up for me a personal profile here. created a system for me to have a chance to find happiness here. I am a Korean woman over the age of 50, my children go to school far away so that my mother is at home playing the martial arts alone in the desert. One fine day, my daughter informed me that he had created a profile on Get love asia and gave the phone number when needed. I was surprised because I didn't think my daughter did that for his mother. It was also surprising that I received enthusiastic support from a web consultant and support and I quickly had a friendship and love like today. He is an American man, he calls me everyday, we get along very well on everything. He will return to South Korea to visit me later. At first I thought online dating was virtual, but virtual or not was just for me. Now I am happy every day because he always has him by my side, despite the great geographical distance. For me that is more than enough for my age. I write here to share with everyone, be confident, patient, honestly you will be as lucky as me. Up to now, I have been on this Asian dating website for 3 months. I wish you happiness. Thanks very much!

Jenny Suh

Jenny Suh, I was one of Asian singles found life partner fast