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Thanks a lot my dear friend for your reply and it is my pleasure having you as my friend, and what name should i call you often.

My full name is. GEN robert john 58 years of age and a citizen of the United State of America, presently i live in Kabul, Kandahar, Afghanistan where i was assigned for my duty and will finish my assignment soon and return back home to my country.

I am the only child of my parents, i lost my wife 4 years ago but she have one son for me before her death, my dad pasts away the year i joined army and my mom is very old also.

It is my pleasure to let you know that i love the beautiful smile on your face; i would like to know you more deeply, so please tell more, are you married or single? Sorry if I ask too much Question just want to know you better and as I said above I am an American National and a top senior army officer and I will tell you more about myself too when I get your reply and please do send me your private email Address and please tell me more about your country.

I want to say that my heart is full of joy and happiness for knowing you and i like us to keep this closeness and hope this will bring us to a better future as i wish.

take good care and have a lovely day.

God bless you!!!!!

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