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I am looking for a woman who is single, divorced, or is separated and pending a divorce. I prefer a woman who does not have children or has children but they do not live with her full-time so she and I can work on building our own relationship. However, if she does have children who do live with her, it will not be a deal breaker. I am looking for a woman who is intelligent and independent, but is humble enough to realize she needs her partner as much as he needs her. I am very financially secure and I do not need your money. If you are looking for a sugar daddy or you're going to interrogate me before our first personal encounter, then I respectfully ask you not to waste both our times.
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I recently retired after 25 years in law enforcement. I currently work for a west coast ediscovery/consulting firm. When I am not working from home, I am usually traveling to client locations throughout the country.

I live alone in a four-bedroom house mortgage free. I have two adult children and one school age child who do not live with me.

I never imaged that I would find myself engaged in online dating. However, I am not into the bar scene and with work, I find it difficult look for someone.

On a personal note, I have never had a serious relationship with another Asian. However, I am finding out that my core values and interests are more inline with Asian women than Caucasian women, thus my reason for being here.

On a lighter note, people find me funny, comical, and somewhat cynical. Yet, I can be the most charitable and loyal friend. I enjoy staying in shape, being active, and watching sports. I also enjoy cooking, eating out, traveling both near and far, and snuggling up at night in front of the television. I don't drink (Asian flush). Smoking or vaping are a complete turn off to me. I love pets, especially dogs, because dogs give unconditional love as do I.

Lastly, I am not looking for a casual date, but rather a forever partner/wife. If you are also looking into a forever someone, I encourage you to ping me. Who knows what may come about if you don't try. No one ever mentions love at second sight but isn't that mostly how things happen? And if you're just looking for a casual date, I bet I can change your mind.

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