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Asian dating
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just want to have good life
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I'm a very straight forward and may appear too young or too old for some but the perfect age for some also. Sometimes I can be very stupid but it's hard to see a day that no one will try to tell me that I'm wise. Lol, I'm scared o life and always willing to listen all. If I had a choice I would rather not come to this world at all that's why sometimes I like to hide and act like I'm not in this world and do like nothing concerns me because if you look into it too much it a problem and if you don't it's also a problem. I don't get carried away by what people do it just pain me when some people are doing something that's gonna hurt them consequently do sometimes you can see me taking stuffs that has nothing to with me so person Al to rxtent that I may cry. I'm from African and Nigeria to be vivid. I'm proud to be an African not because of the general believe of black people but because I understand the fact that there is good and bad people in every where around world being black or white doesn't choose the kind of person you'll be or the kind of things you do. I like to be left alone sometimes totally alone just to sleep. Life is easy if you take it easy. Do you like me? Yes I like you too we can be friends. And if you think youl love me and you're ready to love me unstoppable then just tell me and I will love you too. Because love is like a diseses that had a very transmicabkr nature. I mean you can even get this disease through the internet ????????????????????

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