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Posted on 11/15/2018

Hello there , im yumiko 23 a model and an .. we organiz
About Me:
hi im yumiko single for 2 years now i hate cheaters, im half japanese half filipina and i grew up in Philippines, and now here in singapore for our swingers party event ... waiting for someone to love and care about me and respect for what and who i am if interested just msg me i focused on work and they used to call me a "Man hater" for past 2 years i've been with. But now, i am willing to go to the next chapter of my life, or should i say, "I'm done being alone and want to have an inspiration again". My finances are stable, which allows me to live independently. I'm a gentle, loving and caring person with a marvelous sense of humor I love to laugh and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer. I am bluntly honest, loyal and i expect the same from others. I have my personal shortcomings and issues, as well all do. I can be spontaneous, but I prefer planned events. I love to cook, especially for my significant other and also for friends and family. Well if you're interested just hit me up.

wechat ( cathylee2042 )
skype ( yuminami2015 )
My ideal partner:
If you do not have a picture, I would rather not talk to you! If you use a fake pic, trust me, I will know. I will not say a lot about myself here. If we begin communicating, I will then let you know more about myself (there's way too many creepers that I would rather not disclose my info to). I am not rude by any means, just trying to keep it real! If you're going to take a bathroom selfie, at least clean the toothpaste off the mirror first.
I am:
Seeking a:
Woodlands New Town
Zip code:
Marital Status:
Single / Never married
Looking for:
Tagalog, Japanese, English
Home and Family
Professional Life
Attend Services:
Political Views:
Sense of Humor:
Other, Goofy, Dry / Sarcastic, Friendly
Health / Fitness, Crafts, Gaming, Dining, Arts
Christian / Catholic
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  • Posted 7 months ago
I love your wit: "If you're going to take a bathroom selfie, at least clean the toothpaste off the mirror first."
Very cool response, you sound like a wonderful person. As a father of 2 daughters like you, I say, U GO GIRL. And LOVE finds love, keep up the Goofy, friendly, and all the rest. Yes being alone is tough. But when you're special it's worth waiting. I'm too old for ya, BUT if u need a shoulder or just wanna vent, I'm all yours kiddo, keep moving FORWARD!
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  • Posted 13 months ago
Hi YooHelwa, looking for a serious relationship? I read your profile, I hope we could get to know each other
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  • Posted 14 months ago
email by the way is renrenbachoco14., willing to wait for your reply.
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  • Posted 14 months ago
without picture I mean*
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  • Posted 14 months ago
Hi, read your profile, its pretty interesting since we have some similarities and would really want to know more about you, I understand it is mentioned in you profile you're not interested in talking with someone without email, totally respect that, but I was kinda hoping that you would reconsider changing emails and then from then who knows...Appreciate your time!