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Asian women
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I want to meet new people and find the ONE man that can treat me right by showing me I am valued by them. I have dated over the years and know exactly what I need and want in my life. I am not here for games and sex. If I wanted that I'd search craigslist. Once I find someone I dedicate my attention to ONLY one man at a time in order to get to know that individual well. I don't juggle a variety of men at once for many reasons. Once I think I have found someone to dedicate my time to I tend to stop looking and responding here to others while getting to know that one person.

In my down time from working and being a mother: I enjoy watching movies, going out to dinner, walking and lying on the beach, photography and cycling.

I have the best of intentions to go back to school to earn my master's degree in nursing within the next few years.

I am a very independent woman who relys on no one but myself. I am raising my teenage son who has cerebral palsy alone with no help. I have him 100% of the time. He is definitely my first priority and I need someone in my life who can be understanding of my situation. I am a woman who gives others all of me when you become a part of my life. I love doing family activities especially with my son. I would love to find someone to share and enjoy this life with...

My favorite style of music is country. But, I love almost all styles of music. I love listening to live music and dancing when I get the chance.

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