Meet Rich Single Chinese Women & Men Who Are Planning To Emigrate


There are thousands of singles who live in Australia and US looking for find rich Chinese women and men who are planning to come to these nations. As you know rich Chinese buying visas in these countries is common. The question is, why are these rich Chinese people coming to the United States or Australia?

There are many reasons behind this, such as economics, society, education, environment, investment, and so on.

Chinese rich womanThe US and Australia are the two countries that attract Chinese millionaires. Many of them have left the country and many are planning to emigrate. They either buy visas or look for marriage sponsors to come to these countries. Wealthy Chinese people fleeing China for US and Australia nations are very smart in doing business in these new countries. In America, a foreigner who invests 1/2 million in a business and has at least 10 American employees, is entitled to a green card (permanent resident).

What are pros and cons in these great nations such as US and Australia?

Generally speaking, those fleeing China are looking for a better life including good schools, clean air, strong legal system, stable political situation, better future for their children, and so on.

They will be taxed on all their wealth.

In China, there are many poor people while there are many multimillionaires. There are some people who earn about $6 a day while there are many people who earn $6,000 or more a day. Those who are rich trying to find a way to flee their country China to come to a great country like US or Australia. Every year, there are hundreds of Chinese millionaires buy visas and marriage-sponsored to come to these countries.

Rich Chinese woman in a private jet

Rich Chinese woman in a private jet

Why Asia’s Rich Are Leaving Their Home Countries?

There are millions of Asian rich people fleeing their home countries to come to the West (mostly US and Canada). China is one example. Other wealthy people who are from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, India, Pakistan and others are seeking any way to come to the West. Some of the reasons for these rich people want to come to the US and Canada are pollution, tainted food and education. In China, they survey showed that more than 60% of rich people had already immigrated to another Western country.

Again, they want to live in the greatest countries in the world where they can enjoy fresh air, clean environment, good and clean food, freedom, and the best education for their children. Another reason that Asian rich people want to come to the US or Canada is to invest their money in real estate. Most cities that have these Asia’s rich who invest in real estate are Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Vancouver. They find any way to immigrate to these countries to live and invest their money, including giving birth in US or Canada to get automatic citizenship for their kids, investing in real estate to get citizenship and etc.

How do Chinese people love America?

There are hundreds of Chinese billionaires invest their money in the US real estate every year, especially in California, Texas and New York. The China’s rich love America because this is the greatest country on the world where it has “equal investment opportunity” for all people. In China, most of them must have connections with officials of the government to be successful and getting rich. That means they must give expensive gifts to officials in order to continue doing their businesses. So, their assets are not securely protected as if they live in the US. They like to invest in the US because there is no such “envelop of gift” when doing business. In America, if you have real talent, then you will succeed. So, Chinese investors like to invest their money in real estate in America because it is safe. The US is the first choice for Chinese investors who buy real estate. There are other countries as Australia and Canada that attract the China’s rich as well but America is the first country  of choice.

Sales of US Real Estate to Foreign buyers

Sales of US Real Estate to Foreign buyers

Why do rich Chinese people find love by using online dating sites?

In China, it is hard to millionaires or billionaires to find love and marriage. They set high standards on the their future soul mate because they are wealthy and successful themselves. Chinese women usually date or marry men who are better than them in everything, including education, knowledge, wealth status, materials, and so on. So, there are many single bachelorettes in China seeking love. It is easier for single rich men looking for women. They can don’t set that high standards on their future soul mate. However, rich Chinese women have a hard time to find that special someone. It is hard to find a single rich man in China because most of them are married or divorced and have children. These single bachelorettes are between 25 to 40 years old and they are looking for men who are on high social status, good physical condition, and not too old.

Rich Chinese women find love online

Rich Chinese women find love online (Photo: CNN)

So, these wealthy Chinese ladies are seeking love and marriage from online dating web sites. They focus on those men who live in China or those who live in America, Australia or Canada. There are some dating sites in China that focus on helping those multi-millionaires to find their special someone. There are millions of rich Chinese people who signed up at these web sites. There are also employees at these sites travel around the country to search for rich bachelorettes and ask them to join these sites. Their membership is too expensive, about $5,000 or up.

However, there are wealthy Chinese bachelorettes seeking single men in the US, Australia and Canada. They want to marry men oversea so that they can come to a great country where they can establish a family and invest their money. They want to get off China because they don’t feel safe about their wealth. So, these wealthy women are seeking Chinese men or native men in America or other Western countries.

If you are one of American or Australian citizens who want to find rich Chinese, it does not matter whether you are an Asian or native men, then you have some ways you can do, including friends and family’s introduction, PR, media, event planning or charity jobs, and online Chinese dating services.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. Hello,
    I’m Jeffery, 58, residing in Tampa, Florida.
    I’m a companion, wife. Lover. best friend.
    I’m divorced after a 10 year marriage to a wonderful Malaysian woman.

    I’m single, no children, employed in corporate position, I’m a small framed handsome handsome gentleman, enjoy pampering with attention.

    Photo available on request.


  2. My name is James Wagner, am from United States of America, I am 357 years old and I am working with marine shipping co United State, I am really searching for a good relationship that can lead to marriage, I have a noble life and have full of live, I want an international woman which I will have a good relationship with and we can team together to make more fortunes and more good living for ourselves..
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    James Wagner

  3. I’m Mr Arifeae Raymond from PNG looking for success all the time, but couldn’t fine success,where is success when I found you ,you my success in very thing..God bless

  4. My name is Wayne Perkins , am from United States of America, I am 49 years old and I am currently in USA for a contract job that will end in six months, I am really searching for a good relationship that can lead to marriage, I have a good life and have good spirit , I want a Chinese woman which I will have a good relationship with and we can grow together to make more fortunes and living for ourselves..
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  6. My name is James Wagner, am from United States of America, I am 38 years old and I am currently in Algeria for a contract job that will end in six months, I am really searching for a good relationship that can lead to marriage, I have a noble life and have full of live, I want a Chinese woman which I will have a good relationship with and we can team together to make more fortunes and more good living for ourselves..
    Please if you are interested please contact me with this email:
    James Wagner

  7. Hi I’m chanon from the USA looking for a good woman to marry and love and enjoy my life with I’m a military fun caring and has a good heart you can contact me at send me a mail and i we reply back. thanks

    • My name is James Wagner, am from United States of America, I am 38 years old and I am currently in Algeria for a contract job that will end in six months, I am really searching for a good relationship that can lead to marriage, I have a noble life and have full of live, I want a Chinese woman which I will have a good relationship with and we can team together to make more fortunes and more good living for ourselves..
      Please if you are interested please contact me with this email:
      James Wagner

  8. Hi. I reside in America in Palm Beach Island, and in Greenwich, CT. Never married, very handsome, no kids. Born, raised and educated in England, and am of Italian decent. 50 years old, in great shape, 5 feet 11 inches, 180 lbs. Successful in business, a published author among other things.

    Looking for an interesting, creative, successful Asian woman who appreciates a man with integrity, who’s loyal, passionate, supportive, and fun to be with.

  9. I am seeking millionairess Asian lady for marriage. I’m extremely romantic caring affectionate loving an understanding man.ive never married. I’m a Buddhist.. Love to meditate.. Contact me soon.. You won’t be sorry

  10. Hello, my name is Michael. I live in Texas. I’m a good down to earth simple man looking for true love. I’m 6’-3” tall and weigh 230 pds. If your an honest person and looking for the same please contact me.

  11. Hi I’m Anthony from the USA looking for a good woman to marry and love and enjoy my life with I’m a black male fun caring and has a good heart you can contact me at 3184650571 send me a text and I’ll send you a picture. thanks

  12. Hi,my name is Kem Singh age 54years,i am from South Africa,i am looking for a young beautiful Chinese woman,i m not rich but rich in my heart.I do know how to treat a woman,i am very honest and not a cheater.Ilost my wife and have two teenage children living with me.

  13. Hi. I am from Papua New Guinea and I live in the capital city Port Moresby.
    I am looking for a rich Chinese woman who take me.
    I am ready to move to China or she can migrate to my country.

    I am prepared to take up any challenges given.

    I am a honest and hard working person.

    Please take and you wont regred

  14. Please, I am David in Uganda (East Africa). I just landed on this site. I request you to connect me to one of the Rich singles in China. I am ready to be with her in hallways. Uganda is safe and free for Chinese intrepreneurship. Thanks

  15. My name is Dennis. I live in Seattle Washington USA. I am 52, 6 foot 2 inches tall, 198 pounds, I have 1 daughter who is 8 years old and she lives with her mother. I co own a vapor shop in Seattle. I am down to earth honest, loving and caring. Never married. I am open to your age, I am looking for the love of my life. Might that be you. Email me back and lets start talking soon

  16. I am a 49 year old, Caucasian male, 5’10” tall, 240 lbs, shaved head and blue eyes. Never married, no children, seeking an attractive female who is financially stable and in search of a great relationship with an American citizen that will eventually lead to marriage and possibly children. I reside in a strong economic area in Northern Virginia, United States. I was born in the United States. If you are 28 to 38, an attractive female both inside and out and would like to pursue a great relationship with a good man for possible marriage and family, then please contact me.
    Please, no games and no scams. I am only seeking the real thing and won’t put up with any games or attempted scams.
    Thank you !

  17. Hi all am a strong Black African guy here, am Kels , born 1990 wants to meet a real Asian woman here, o work and i have good income handling my family company and i have a lovely family , all iw ant is that real Asian woman, i live in a little lovely French country here in Africa , welcome to contact for more details. kelvindon_g AT private please

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  19. Hey wealthy Asian ladies! I am tall, 41 years old, white Europian. Divorced and heart broken looking for some generous Asian women to move in with and share my love. I am represetable, good looking with blue eyes. You will be proud to go out with me. I have been traveled a lot and China is the place where I feel the best

  20. i m a blackguy with 28 years , i m in china , i m looking for a sugar mummuy , anyone who’s interested can conctact me on +8615664743305 .

  21. I am not a scholar or a professional, and have not been successful in life, but my life ambition is still to be in love with one woman. I like to be romantic, very affectionate, loyal and very loving. I do like children, open to having or not. I love animals, nature, camping, traveling. I would like to have a very loving, very sexual marriage, with honest open communication and benevolence. I am not a materialistic man a beautiful loving woman is what I want and need in this life and the next. I like to be intimate inside and outside. I don’t drink, smoke or do any drugs. I will be loyal, loving and constantly romantic and affectionate.
    I live in Calgary Canada

  22. I’m a strong believe that one can find love anywhere.
    I’d love to love truly deeply and be loved genuinely.
    To go the extra.
    I’d love to meet a genuine, honest, kind-at-heart, comfortable in her own skin, financially secure, confident, lady; i want a challenge, not a liability.

    Email me here:

  23. I seek a SERIOUS and LOVING RICH WOMAN for MARRIAGE, I am a POOR MAN but in TOP SHAPE and TOP HEALTH, I am 74 yrs. YOUNG !!!


  25. I am looking for a rich Asian woman who wants a green card. I am and American and EU citizen. Dual citizenship! Possibility to live in US or Europe (country you desire). Please email me with your requirements and questions.

  26. My name is Doug and I live in Toronto, Canada. I am a engineer by profession and I own my company. I was married for more than 28 years, but was betrayed so now am divorced and still single. I now have to start my life all over again as I would like to be married. I like to play music in my spare time and I love to spend my summers on my boat. I am a very romantic, caring, devoted and a honest man. My lady and family come first in my life. I presently live alone. I have always been attracted to Asian women that is why I am here. Age does not matter to me as it is only a number. I am active and I try hard to take care of myself. I am a very easy going person and a very good listener. You can ask me anything and you will get a honest answer. The 2 things I know, are how to treat and respect a lady. Sincerely Doug.

    • My name is Gabriela, mix Latina – American, living in OKC, I’m curvy and a bit big, single lady, never married, never had kids.. I manage my late parents business and properties, i’m looking for a LTR, Interested buddy should give me a shout if you think we match. email me or text (+1) 405 309-3534

      PS: No scammers, no time waster either, thanks.

      Cheers 🙂

  27. Hi. I am 181 cm and born in 1981. i am kind, calm, faithful and l just want to have a good happy family. i’m looking for long-term relationship. i interested in camping, music, meditation in nature and every thing is good… i don’t smoke and i once or twice a month drink.

  28. Tall white man 58yo, outgoing, handsome, easy to be with, intelligent and well-traveled. I live in America in the state of Washington and available for any young beautiful wealthy asian woman wanting a green card / american husband.

  29. Hello, my name is Jenni, I’m trying to find someone on the Internet, for the first time I hope that I will succeed. I have
    a kind, loving heart, I am a romantic, loyal, sincere woman. My personality is quiet, steady, introspective, calm, honest. My dream is
    to have a family. I want to travel through any sea to find true love.I must belong to one man in the deep blue sea of love, which I will love and take care of him. Someone said that the ideal woman should be”like a cook in the kitchen, a lady in society, and loving in bed.” I
    agree with this opinion. I try that charm, and femininity should reflect around my house on the street in society. My life is happy,
    but the missing component is the sharing of love with a partner in true life. I would like to know you better. If you want the same,
    hope to hear from you soon.
    Your sincere friend Jenni.

    • Hi Jenni,
      Nice to meet you I too are looking for that one true love, someone who can look after me and I can look after them, someone who likes surprises, likes being romanced and cuddled.
      if you are that woman please send pic to my email.

  30. hi,
    me name is ernie. i’m a filipino-canadian citizen who happened to be here looking for love and long-term relationship possibly marriage. i am semi-retired with a home-base design business. been married with two children who’re now having their own partners and living on their own. widowed for almost eight years and haven’t seriously seek a partner till now. we can exchange photos on email. send me message/s at . i hope to hear from very soon. thanks and regards,

  31. Hallo. I am looking for an Asian women to come and marry me. I love how sweet and sexy they are. They are true to their man. Age is not an issue with me.

  32. Hello my name is Elder Lopez
    There will be a good-hearted person who can help me to fulfill my dreams
    I would like to fulfill many goals but sometimes life is very hard
    And much less when I have my parents get healthier
    And the medicine is too expensive
    So that they can live
    I hope to meet an angel who gives light to my life.
    And can help me to fulfill my dreams
    God bless you all
    And I ask God to bring peace around the world
    I hope to meet an angel who gives light to my life.
    And can help me to fulfill my dreams
    God bless you all
    And I ask God to bring peace around the world
    Thank you, god bless you all

  33. Hello, I’m a man that’s down to earth, kind hearted, open minded, wise, college education, easy going. Owned a business for years but became very bored and now work as a building inspector. I’m 55 years old and have been told I look like I’m in me 40’s. I live in the greatest state in the world Texas. 🙂 I’m 6′-2″ tall and 230 pds. If your a kind person with good morals, I would love to talk with you.

  34. I am an American English teacher living in China. I dream of marrying a Chinese woman but each lady I meet wants me to buy her an apartment. I am a good and decent man but have never had money. Being a simple English teacher makes saving a lot of money impossible. I have a heart full of love to offer. I am 55 years old, full of hope and confidence. I love listening to music an photography Contact me if you want to know a good totally single man.

  35. I am looking for an Asian woman (26 to 56)
    RYAN R.
    46 Y.O.
    NO SMOKE , Just Social drinking
    5’5” / 170lb
    OR SKYPE ” aryan-california ”
    Best if the woman is in Australia with time running out on visa.

  36. Hi ,I am looking for someone special in all ways.I am 46 ,slim .I work hard 70 hours a week .I want a lovely wife who makes me I’m not rich no where near it .I am a working class guy.anyone show me what life is like on the other side .I am easy going ,passionate,kind,enjoy riding motorclye,love fast cars.camping.would love find a better life with a lovely wife.I would like find someone to visit me here in states and get to know me

  37. Hello hope all is well?.

    leonard Agaba, am 27 years old.. Am a Ugandan by birth here in Africa.. highly educated and ready to be involved in any kind of working environment. Am looking for a rich woman from China, uk, brazil, australia, usa, asia, nigeria, south Africa, Japan etc for real love and living with for ever.. i don’t mind about age, for more information. What’s up me on.. +256788566065/ email..

  38. hi again, my name is mweemba hingandu and am 38 years old from lusaka, zambia in central africa. i very loving,caring, understanding and hard working and i would love to have a rich chinese women i can have children with and am willing to relocate just to be with her.

  39. Hello, yes I looking for someone who is fun and exciting wishing to join me in Australia.
    I do have my own small business and travel to China regularly to attend trade shows.

    If you would like to know more send me an email and we can chat.



  40. Hello prospective ladies , my name is darren as you can see, I’m turning 47 on 26th of may witch makes me a Gemini, I Live in Brisbane, Australia and have been single for a few years , if there really is a wealthy lady out there that would like to meet a loyal person as myself please contact me . I have good business sence , l love the beach and eating out , I would like to travel more with my interests .

  41. Hello,

    This post is completely spontaneous as I randomly stumbled across this web site about ten minutes ago. When I am bored, I have a tendency to free-type, which includes the occasional entry into our worldwide trusted online ambassador, Mr Google.

    I can’t say I’m looking for a wife, but that’s mostly because I’ve always enjoyed dribbling with what life throws at me in the moment. Planning ahead has just never been my way of living. However I’ve lived in Asia for the last three or four years and love my life on this side of the world. Chinese women in regards to looks are certainly my cup of tea, yet I’ve never had the pleasure of dating one. Age or financial situation aren’t that important to me, just a warm soul and good sense of humour.

    I’m not rich, but occasionally pots of gold can be found lurking at the end of miscellaneous rainbows. Or wealthy, forgotten relatives kick the bucket and leave everything to be delivered in a crisp brown envelope by a pretentiously dressed lawyer. Rubbish aside, I have my own modest ambitions, but they’re mostly creative ones, I’d like to publish my own poetry and produce beautiful music.

    Anyway, I’ll completely forget that I’ve even written this in 2 hours, so any reply will be surprisingly and confusingly…I mean gratefully, received. Happy hunting ladies, stay classy 🙂

  42. Hi I’m an asian/american Willing to help someone
    for some help in return.

    i’m a stable guy looking to increase my status,
    any cute or ugly lady out there want to use me
    for both our benefits

    • Hi ! Asian American Dylan !! Randomly stumbled across this app! Found your proposition to help someone ?.My name is Irina. I’m Ukrainian girl, looking for someone to help!!??! And wondering what’s your Asian roots??? I like Asian guys! Would like to see your photos!?

  43. Hi. I’m an Indian man from South Africa. I’m 44yrs. I’m looking for a serious relationship with a woman. I will be the man of your life. I have visited England twice and Australia ?? four times. Now I need a rich woman to spend my future with.


  44. Hallo my name is beny i live in itay roma.a.i am separeded For Many years i am looching for a rich lady i am 63 yers hold .Whatsapp 00393299541494

  45. Hi, I am a young 70 year old from New Zealand been living in Brisbane Australia for the past 22 years.
    I have been to China a few times over the past 4 years a day have stayed for 6 months getting to know the people and culture
    I have found a great love for the women and would love to have a rich lady as a wife.
    I say a rich woman because I know how hard it is for some of these ladies to find a loving partner, and although I have meet a few of them, they are a bit to young or I am a bit to old for them.

  46. Looking for a small women between 90 lbs and 115 lbs bra size A or B cup and over 45 has her own money as i do i have i gold mine in fairbanks Alaska as she will have to move here for her green card.

  47. Hi im 28 from the UK, i love chinese women. They are the most loyal trust worthy, adorable creatures on the planet and im determined to marry one.

    I doubt much will come of this message but i suppose its being proactive about it.

  48. My name is Charles Daniel Thompson I am 26 years old no children smoke occasionally drink and I prefer the old way of living. Looking to help a lady that will help me.

  49. Hi there my name is Joachim or Jo for short. I’m living in Denmark at present and I’m 50 years old and I’m looking to find a Chinese partner/wife. I have a lot to tell about myself and limited space here unless you want to read a novel!!!. I’m not just here to ‘dig gold’ but to start up an adventure together and I’m interested and willing to do my part to make it work.
    I have been to China 5 times (work and as a tourist) and the country has in many ways taken my heart and now I hope to live out my dream to find a Chinese wife.
    I’m in many ways prepared to make the move as I have planned it for the last three years. I don’t have big demands for this and that but since I don’t speak or write Chinese you must be able to communicate in English so we can get a conversation going.
    I have tried a lot in my life from retail to the Special Forces in the navy and much more so in many ways I have experienced more than many people see/do in a lifetime. I’m well educated and I still have a great appétit for life and I’m up for this challenge it’s going to be to move to China and build up a new life and change the cultural.

  50. I am from kashmir i want to marry in china….so i want to chinese girl ,who should be truthfull, trustworthy’honesty’loveable etc…good in character n personality…and her age shoukd be 18 to 24…becoz i m also 23..son any more contact on whatsapp 9858701533

  51. Hi,iam a widower from Kenya in my Ruth year of age looking for a beautiful and God fearing lady from China.I have 3 beautiful girls from the other wife who passed away.The girls are big enough and i remain beefing so lonely.I am looking for a wife from China.Ladies plz let me hear from you.

  52. Hi I live in Brisbane Australia looking for a wife
    Between 25 and 35 I am single no child I am 55 years old
    If you want a spouse visa I can not travel have a good job
    Hope to here back from a lady .
    Looking for a Asia lady between 25and 35 who wants to live in Australia marriage is a must if you are looking for a spouse visa let me no
    I am 55 single never been married good job but can not travel over sea.

  53. Hello Ladies,
    I am an American man, 68 years young, semi-retired, wishing to meet a wealthy Chinese woman, who wishes to be loved unconditionally. I currently live in Kansas but wanting to relocate to Arizona later this year, if you have an avid interest I golf, please be my partner. Let’s take life’s journey together and love each other forever. By the way, I am slender build and cute. Lol

  54. Hello my name is Clayton i live in Canada i am interested in a wealthy Chinese lady for marriage and more. I am 42 years old single and ready to settle down with the right person. I am a good loyal honest man ready for the love of his life:

  55. Hi. Emmanuel from Nigeria. I love Nigeria because is a business country. am into business any type of business. I need a serious business partner. it could be men or women. that knows business. also seeking for a serious lady . who is looking for friend or husband. . I needed it seriously. contact me. email. or whatsapp me. +2348069367505. or call me at +2348039393025.thanks you all

  56. Ni Hao:}
    My name is Jay (34 yrs), originally from Mauritius, I moved to Montreal, Canada nearly 4 years ago and I love this city! I traveled in a few countries in Europe, studied a bit in Poland. I am an Engineer: Body type; athletic; Height 175cm; I am healthy and I look way younger than my age (BONUS!;). What motivates me to be here is the possibility to meet with a beautiful, fit and loving Chinese woman who is willing to move anywhere in the world.
    Please feel free to reply on this email if anyone is interested.

  57. hi I’m a 40 year old male citizen of Australia. I’m divorced, well educated and financially independent. I can help a motivated, ambitious lady in getting a spouse visa for Australia/New Zealand. Lets connect on

  58. hello am Emmanuel ;or ( holy gentle)from Nigeria. am a business man . I deal in any kinds of business. please email me or here is my number or send me your number inside my email or whatsapp . I also need a business partnership.

  59. Hello my name is Curthley Macaay. I,m 49 years old and I,m searching for a rich Chinese lady for a serious and long lasting relationship. My heart is rich in true love, and I can share my true love to a woman that is worth of my true love. I have good education, and I,m a decent, noble man with a good heart, true heart and good soul. I have good personality and good character, good communication and good understanding, for a serious and long lasting relationship. If she want to contact me, she can email me at or she can call me at 59996760640, so she can WhatsApp me.

  60. Hi, my name is John. Im a 35 year old man living in Sweden. Im looking for a woman who matches my age, and to live with together. I’d love to have a family together. I have highschool education and am an lonely ordinary Swedish man.

  61. Hello im a kind loving careing honest trusting big hearted Man love life fun funny and looking for happiness. And to share all with that special someone. Want and looking for Women with same interest. And for marriage help you get green card so you may have wonderful life here in America California. So hopefully i will hear from that special someone. Here my cell 714-574-5867

  62. Seeking Chinese investors for a US based LL Holding Co. dealing in Commercial/Residential Real Estate and small cap mature operating companies. Please respond for more details.

      • I am a Caucasian Canadian 42 year old male with no children, family and less friends as I get to know them better, it seems. I would like a rich Chinese wife to come to Canada so we can marry and she can be here to watch over me. I am available now with no reservations and am willing to relocate in Canada to suit.

  63. I’m James Witham from Daytona Florida in USA……. I will be so exiting if i can find my soul mate here, Have been divorced for the past four years and i think its time for me now to look for serious relationship,,, I have a good job, i want woman from Philippine, China, or any Asia country. this is my personal email address you can search for my facebook through my email address

  64. Im a kind and sincere man from japan i would like emigrate and live permanently in canada usa australia so im sympathetically looking for a kind hearted independent woman who can marry me for the rest of her life time so we can enjoy life together reply as soon as u feel u r interested in me

  65. Hello im a single african man currently living in jappan im searching for a rich in dependent woman in usa who can take me and we live together with her in either usa or australia im very ready to relocate as im single so i need to find comfortable woman whom i can express love with im kindly waiting for your response

  66. Hello, I am from Seattle Washington, USA , I am looking to meet a nice Chinese Women, who are nice and presentable, and is funny and caring at the same time,

  67. Hello,
    Hey my name’s Brad i am a 31 year old Australian male, seeking a lady for companionship/marriage.
    Looking to find someone who has same interests as like Anime, manga, movies and gaming.
    Looking forward to hearing from someone.

  68. Hi, my name is Jim
    I am from Norway and I am interested in meeting a rich Chinese woman for business relation and maybe more

  69. Hi Dear, I am Ramesh From India, 32 Years old, I like to be good partner who will support me. if uu don’t mind can you call me or what’s app me +919542580217

  70. Hi. Im a not so wealthy American whod love the opportunity to find myself a chinese or japanese woman to soend my life with. Do you have any advice for a fool sych as myself. Know a good place to start? Or better yet know anyone for me lol.

  71. I am a U.S. citizen. Caucasian male, 47 years old. I’m 5 ft 8 ”
    I have a medium build, in good shape, blue eyes and sandy blond hair.
    I have a good Government job and side business. I’m looking for a well off Chinese Lady, either Financially well off by Family, or by their own business, for Companionship and more … I am willing to help obtain citizenship here for the right lady who is caring, educated, open minded, giving, and likes to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. I like to hike, Surf, scuba dive, Stand Up Paddleboard and most of all travel. If you would like to learn more about me, please feel free to contact me.. I can exchange pictures with you, and correspondence and see if we can work out a mutually beneficial agreement for your happiness and citizenship here and my happiness of having an partner, secure life and travel.

  72. I,m a good man with a good heart, with true heart and soul, and inner beauty of my heart. I,m searching for a wealthy Chinese lady for a serious relationship. My heart is rich in true love for you. I,m from Curacao. You will not regret to have me in your life. More information about me

  73. Hi, I’m a good mauritius man who can show a rich Chinese women a very BEAUTIFUL life here in mauritius . Also, you will become a mauritius Citizen

  74. Hi, I’m a good Canadian man who can show a rich Chinese women a very BEAUTIFUL life here in Canada. Also, you will become a Canadian Citizen

  75. Hello my name is Ron and I live in Florida at the ocean in Jacksonville Beach. I have nice home just 5 minute walk to ocean. I’m 68 years old and excellent heakth. Golf, tennis, bike and walk the beach I have two homes on beach one I rent and one I live in. Would like a older lady 35-55 with respect for herself and respect for me. The Writer Thomas Robbins said. ” people search there whole life for the love of there life instead of creating the love of there life.

  76. canadian an looking for millionaire asian lady must be pretty an classy….i good looking an i fun adventurous romantic extreemly affetionnate as well. send e ur pic an email so we can coresponde///

  77. Hi there,
    I am 26 yrs old good looking guy from Kazakhstan. I have a B.S. degree in Environmental Engineering from Colorado, USA. Currently, I am looking for a rich asian looking woman to marry. Through chances various, through all vicissitudes, we make our way. I will leave my email here:

  78. hello my name is Allan I live in melbourne australia.
    I run my own busines,I’m financially secure.imhave had a good upbringing very polite and respectfull. To all people.i 50 years do but told I look much younger.
    I am seeking a genuine nice chinese Girl who is financially independent.
    I know hobto treat. Lady like a reall lady,
    I’m simply just asking fora genuine lovely nice girl between 32 and 41.
    I you woud lie to have children that is fine because I love children very much.

    I will leave my mail.

  79. My Name is Sam.
    I’m interested to meet only rich and respectable Asian woman.
    I’m British citizen.
    I speak few languages.
    I’m 49 years old, very good health.
    I’m funny person, Romantic and love to enjoy life. Always optimist.
    My photos will be send only for serious and rich woman.
    Why Rich ? Because if my partner have money, I have much more, the real and great way of living very high.

  80. Hi, i will be happy to meet one Asian Lady for Love and Live ? To be dare inn good and bad moments , with all my respect for hure !

  81. Hello,
    I live in CAMPERDOWN, Victoria Australia. Looking for a nice successful Chinese woman who would like to live in AUSTRALIA. I am 56 years old but in good shape. I have lived in Asia for last 3 years but now back in Australia to live. Happy to send photos and information if you want to contact. My email is

  82. Hello Asian ladies 😉 I am Canadian in Niagara Falls seeking a wealthy, educated asian wife ASAP! I am 38 and I am a good looking caucasian, well dressed and enjoy good conversation. Please contact me via email and I will share photos and more about me.

  83. Hello,

    I’m Gregory, I’m 58 years young, 6’1 tall, still good looking and in pretty good shape. I enjoy being relaxed or wearing a beautiful suit!

    I currently live in a beautiful area of Upstate, NY on a lovely lake.

    I’ve been divorced for 3 years and I’m looking for a wonderful friend and hopefully more to enjoy the rest of our lives.

    I’m funny, smart, love to cook, a pretty good dancer, I love to just pick up and go on adventures. I read 3 newspapers a day and other periodicals, and just so you know I’m a Scorpio with Aries Rising!!!

    I’ve been taking care of other people my entire life. I’m looking for someone that is as financially stable as I am or more. I’m not at all jealous of others peoples good fortunes or abilities. I’m well traveled, and have a lot to share and hopefully learn from you as well.

    I could go on and on, but, let’s start here. I’m not looking for a Model at all. But someone that takes care of themselves and looks as good in jeans as well as a Little black dress. Your picture gets you mine.

    Peace, love and happiness………………

  84. hi am Oscar and am 22 yes old looking for a sexy 28 to 36 year old Chinese well established women cause am on the verge of breaking through in my entertainment carer

  85. I’m looking for a Nice Mature Chinese Lady for a Long Term Meaningful COMMITTED Relationship , preferably MORE … A Soul Mate , Life Partner , Lover , and Best Friend . Prefer Professional Lady : Doctor , Lawyer , Accountant , Business Owner , etc. She should be Financially Independent and open to relocating here in USA as soon as possible .
    Contact Me at My emailaddress at

  86. I am a single girl who is living in Vancouver. I am Caucasian and I love to meet new people. I am looking to help any serious man from China who wants to date, and eventually get married. I like to go out and have fun, I love to laugh. I would like to meet a man who wants to move to my city.

  87. my name is Bill
    I live good healthy life.
    I don’t smoke and rarely drink
    I have travelled much
    my forte is mining supervision
    I seek nice lady who of course is wealthy
    I am honest, loving guy, and 193cm tall
    please contact me at

  88. Hello,
    hope you are fine today? my name is Collins, am from Scotland in united kingdom, i am 62 years old and i am currently in Dubai for a contract job that will end in less than six months, i am really searching for a good relationship that can be geared to marriage,, i have a noble life and have full of live, i want a wealthy Chinese woman which i have a good relationship with and we can team together to make more fortunes and more good living for ourselves..
    please if you are interested please contact me with this email:

  89. Hello to all ladies.I am looking for rich asian women betwen 20 to 45.I have 2 nationalities greek and croatian.I am 40 years old with blue eyes.If u like europian guy just txt me.I will not post here my pics if u like i will send u via mail tnx for understanding

  90. Hello I am a single white young Canadian male age 24 seeking a beautiful wife to marry and to live in Canada with me if your out there send me a message

  91. Looking for nice woman ,I have been single for many years, after divorce, I realized life moves on. ALSO I am an American from the east.coast, where we live would b up to u, I love good Asian food, I am now living in the Philippines, wanted to get away for a while, love boating cars, an many other things.

  92. Hello
    I am lady from Australia .I am looking for rich man from any Asian country to marry me in Australia( If you marry me in Australia you will become permanent residents of Australia so you can legally invest money in Australia work or set up business
    I am looking for both interest
    email me Thank you

  93. I am hungarian man living in Germany and in Vietnam .
    .I am a strong ,sincerely, funny , positive thinking. I like sport, dance and I like to travel . I am honest, romantik. I speak straight, and dont like to lie.
    For me is most important the Family .I am faithful and I am very hot. Hot mean: I like very much sex and dont play computer game, like most of boys in Europa.
    I have 2 eyes to see , how many beautiful things are on this world,si I enjoy , try everything’s bc.
    Life is very short.
    I take care my family and friends, they are most important for me.
    Money never interesting me really, bc with that can not buy happiness, love, good healthy .
    So please, girls, who dream only about prince with white horse and lot of Money, dont write me.
    Bc we eat all horse in world war and in France some hundred years ago many prince lost the head.
    You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, life full of surprise.
    I am sure I will find here my dream Woman,
    with whom we can build our life ,take care of each other, share beautiful moment and get old together, laugh and cry together.
    You have to be already opened mind, know what is really important in this life. You have to be positive thinking, strong Woman. I am not easy, but I have big heart and little bit brain .
    You have to make sport, bc it is very important for long life with good healthy.

  94. Hello my name is Norm. I live in Canada, I am 57 and very fit. I own my own business and am looking for an older Chinese lady for a serious relationship, I am prepared to relocate or you are welcome to move with me here. I don’t smoke or drink. I don’t expect you to be rich but you should have some money. I am faithful and family is important to me.

  95. I,m a good man with a good heart, with true heart and soul, and inner beauty of my heart. I,m searching for a wealthy Chinese lady for a serious relationship. My heart is rich in true love for you. I,m from Curacao. You will not regret to have me in your life. More information about me.

  96. I am a very attractive woman half chinese and half spanish size 10/12, 5foot, 3inches (160cm) tall, kind , fun loving nature, very loyal, i live in Melbourne Australia and seeking a rich chinese man/business man who can love me or use me so he can stay and have permanent visa in aUSTRALIA. Please ask me more questions or email me.
    i live in Melbourne Australia, slim and very attractive woman, looking for asian chinese man …please don’t hesitate to email me.

    • Hello How are you. I am Mahmed I am 55 age man. I am 1.67 cm 72 kgr green eye . Not smoking and other never I like vietnamese ladies. I want marriage vietnam woman .Vietnam. and australia and other countries. if I marry. I will coming to my new wife . I have zalo email.
      I am waiting answer with picture to me email

      bye bye

  97. My name is Abraham, am a good looking and good hearted guy seeking to get married to a Chinese woman. You can contact me on or +2348067300400. Contact me now and you will never regret it
    Contact me now, any chinese woman

  98. My name is Sho Young. I am seeking a nice and honest man in the US for marriage. I am a poor Chinese lady who live in China. If you marry me, then I will be the best wife for you. I am 28 years old, no kids, 5’5 height and 102 lbs. Drop me some words I’ll send you pictures. Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Sho,
      I am a successful gentleman, well educated, good manners. Spanish speaking background. Looking for younger girlfriend, any race any language, if English is not your native language it does not matter at all, as it not my native language either… 🙂 . I am clean, no drugs, no smoking, sweet, easy going, fun to be with, very knowledgeable, well educated (no drugs, not smoking). Into science (work in the medical research field)..I still consider myself a humble person.. love sports, travelling all over the world, dancing, hiking..etc. I am 44 y/o well groomed, thin, in good shape, healthier than average younger people. I Know ways to keep younger for very long time. We can talk about anything you like and you will always get a wise conversation… You get the topic and we can talk…you will always learn lots from me. I will mentor and protect you… 🙂 ….As long as you are kind, have good manners and are sweet to me you will always get what you want from me. I will always please you. Please send me information about yourself, a pic would always be very helpful. Enjoy your day and try to be always happy. …send me a message and we will make it work out. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day.

  99. I’m Niel from KL, Malaysia and looking for a awesome plus down to earth sugar mummies for any serious relationship….get to know me , for sure you won’t regret being with me. Do contact me by options +60163824212….by whatsapp, we chat me N9th6N or email me… would be a world for me….good luck and GBU

  100. Chinese from Malaysia and its a big opportunity to invest specially RM currency getting weak. Anyway true love does exist dont take too long my lover. You can add me

    Wechat: JY-372496

  101. Im from Jordan west Asia , age 63 , want to marry very rich Chinese lady and help her with her business , I’m poor man , but have heart full of love , passion, respect , care, loyal , trust and oriented family , by the way I’m Muslim , it’s not matter if my lady is Christian

  102. Im from Jordan west Asia , age 63 , want to marry very rich Chinese lady and help her with her business , I’m poor man , but have heart full of love , passion, respect , care, loyal , trust and oriented family

  103. I am a single American man , 54 years old, seeking a rich Chinese woman between 45 and 55 years old for marriage. Lives in the United States. I have traveled to China several times . If there are any rich women in China interested , please email me back and i will tell you more about myself…Tommy


  105. Je suis à la recherche d’une femme chinoise noble qui aime la vie et, aime la famille aussi être sincère, honnête et fidèle, je ne suis pas pauvre , mais je veux lui donner de l’amour , je suis âgé de 69 ans hommes , je suis entrepreneur que, tout ce que je dois offrir, honnêtement je ne suis pas après l’argent, je recherche la chaleur de cette femme qui sera ma femme.
    telle est ma devise- je lui offrirai le goût de la vie- et à l’amour réciproque

  106. My name is Alfred a Nigerian by birth currently residing in Asia. Indonesia.
    I have not much to say, Seeking a friend who’s not perfect.
    Simple & True.
    Skype: Alfyuc
    +6282299706657 – Whatsapp
    I believe that friendship is the foundation to intimate relationship.
    So Holla!…Lets be friends with open heart.
    Currently Single but not in a haste

  107. hi my name is craig, im 30yrs old and im from wales in the united kingdom, I would love to meet a wealthy Asian woman who is looking for a serious relationship and would like to come to the uk, im not searching for a woman for just her money, im not interested in money im seeking true love with an Asian woman, so if there is any women interested please contact me il be waiting to answer anything that you want to know

      • Hey . My name is James and I am permanent resident and living in Melbourne Australia . 26 years old athletic and looking for a cute wealthy Asian girl who’s looking to settle in Melbourne . I can sponser you and if we get that good chemistry so most definitely we can married surely . I only give my Facebook for first step . Add me up ( James veysi ) . Hopefully to hear back from you ????

  108. I’m a 28 years old male from Italy. My main interests are Jogging, reading, writing, learn new languages, movies, culture, travel and all activities which arouse my curiosity, which is one of the key factors to be always alive in the life. Another particular side of me is to be devoted to Christian values.
    I have always had interest for sugar mummy because of my submissive character.
    I’m a very sweet man grew up with special fantasies about mature and rich women. Nowadays the world has changed very quickly making women very competitive in all fields. Do you want a special boy totally subdued? I’ll do everything for you, just everything. Mark my email address or my phone number and add me on whatsapp. Let’s get to know each other better.
    Phone: +393409282577
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    yahoo messenger: testifi87

  109. I;m looking for a noble Chinese female who enjoys life and likes family and the most important sincere, honest, and faithful, I’m not rich but I have a lot of love to give, I’m 55 years old men trying to obtain a degree at a local University, I have a modest job making a modest living, that;s all I have to offer, money will give you a position on society but it will not give you happiness that’s what I have to offer, what about you, do you have love to offer.

  110. Hi darling angel,
    Its my pleasure meeting such a wonderful angel here, i will like to know more a pretty damsel here, first i like to introduce myself, am Capt. Britcher, US Army, 44yrs, single and never been married, i hope we all are on this site for the same reason, i cant wait to find my better half, someone who is caring and transparent whom i dream to sentence my heart into her prison of love forever. i hope to read from my special royal soonest via my address: Thanks.

  111. I am Sel. I am from Trinidad, a wealthy little island in the Caribbean. We are rich in oil, gas, and asphalt. Our economy has always been buoyant and our standard of living very high. I have a great life here, being quite successful in the arts. I am now 52, was married and divorced, and fathered five children who are now grown and doing quite well on their own. I am healthy and in great shape. We have a striving Asian community here that are prominent in the grocery and restaurant business. I have always admired them for their work ethics and peaceful way of living, and my dream has always been to some day find me an Asian wife. I prefer someone of affluence who may also be interested in investing in this country. To know more about me, please visit my website above.
    And here is my primary email:

  112. I’m Danny 47 5’8″ divorced love kids love to cook Romantic live in the US if there are Ladies that would be interested please send to my email I will respond as soon as possible with picture for you to decide if I am for you. Take care be safe.


  113. Hello, I am a Canadian man age 50 and very well mannered. I am clean shaven, respectful and am seeking an affluent Chinese lady for marriage. I am slim to fit condition, eat healthily, enjoy traveling, employed with a good job, love theatre, running ad so much more. Life in Canada is very good so for the right lady age 35 – 55, life can be very good here in a western country. I would love to visit you in China first, get to know you and build a basis for a legitimate relationship for a marriage sponsorship. We can then discuss details of our time together in Canada. I am legitimate, honest and will provide photos to you upon request. I live near Toronto Canada, if you are interested to know where I am located but relocation to another city is a possibility, in the short term to suit your needs. Please be serious…as I am very serious too.

  114. hi I am a 33 year old male from southern africa, looking for a lady. I have a great sense of humour, charming and romantic. i am also willing to relocate… Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂

  115. im 33yrs old from Namibia looking for women to marry age 18- 44 non smoker and alcoholic only my


  117. I wish to meet any rich Chinese woman for a relationship leading to a business partner or marriage if possible.

  118. Hi to all the ladies that would like a sponsor to the USA.
    I am 29 with USA citizenship living in Manchester new Hampshire. If you are interested please send me an email we can discuss more.
    Have a nice days.

  119. Hi to all the ladies that would like a sponsor to the USA.
    I am 43 with USA citizenship live in San Francisco california. If you are interested please send me an email we can discuss more.
    Have a nice days.

  120. I like chinese woman they are busness minded and am looking for a chineese single or widow with funds to start a busness in zimbabwe and have a longterm memorable and busness rewarding friendship

  121. Hi am Isaac seeking a beautiful Asian bride just looking for a fun loyal respectable partner I can build and grow with …..


  123. Single male age 35, currently a student, looking for marriage with you so you can pay the bills and we can enjoy life together, or you can age and die single for all I care lol….
    I want a chance to be in your life, and you to be in my life. Want to take a chance with me, here is my info.
    Phone (703)-386-5321/Email:
    Remember, in the Love Department no adventure equal’s no gain of love experience in life. Thank You…. Jose F, Reyes

  124. I heard about rich Chinese people in China who are very successful in business. I like to find a rich single Chinese woman for marriage. I am a Chinese Australian man, Software Engineer, single, 33 years old. Drop me some words if you like me.

  125. I am a Chinese American man who lives in New York USA for 15 years. I am seeking a rich Chinese lady in China for marriage. You must be wealthy either by through business or inheritence from parents. I can sponsor you to US. Again, I am David Young in NYC, 42 years old, BS degree in business, 5’8 tall and 165 lbs. Drop me a line and let’s talk.

    • My name is Gabriela, mix Latina – American, living in OKC, I’m curvy and a bit big, single lady, never married, never had kids.. I manage my late parents business and properties, i’m looking for a LTR, Interested buddy should give me a shout if you think we match. text me (+1) 405 309-3534

      PS: No scammers, no time waster either, thanks.

      Cheers 🙂

      • Seeking LTR with beautiful financial stable woman for permanent residency in America. I don’t drink nor smoke and am educated and obsessed with fitness. I am single and have no kids. Contact me ASAP if you are looking to move to U.S. and provide a healthy life for future kids.

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