Why Do Americans Pick Filipinas For Marriage & Bring Them Out Of The Philippines?


It seems to be unfair to other women from other countries including India, Vietnam, South Africa, etc, American men select Filipinas for marriage and bring them out of the Philippines. However, foreign women from these nations don’t have the same reputation as Filipina women. I mean, Filipino ladies are unique, appealing, extraordinary, sexy and fresh in the bedroom.

Americans seeking FilipinasI don’t want to mention about our history when American people came to the Philippines and helped us from the Spanish long time ago. By that time, we have learned many amazing things from Americans like technology, education, lifestyles and so on. As a result, Filipino people were impressed about who American people live, act and treat others. We all have “good impression” about Americans, especially men in the United States who treat women with respects and the perfect human rights with “gender freedom” in America, make us want to marry and live in this dream land.

Now let’s face the truth about the current era in the Philippines. Poor and unhealthy lifestyle are two things that we all want to migrate to America to live. By viewing many violent and/or “in controlled” husbands, most girls don’t want to get married with Filipino men when they grow up. There are a few good Filipinos in this country. People in another country envied and said that these ladies want money and others said that they want big and long penis so they marry American husbands. I don’t care what they said, this is reality. Who does not want such things in a husband?

Filipina women marrying an American husband to escape poverty in the Philippines. It does not mean they are lazy or they don’t want to work, or just want sex. They want to get married with a husband who treat them with respects and love them by heart, this is the main thing. The materials and sex are just the bonus in love.

Americans select Filipinas to be their wife is from several reasons. Most of these Filipino ladies speak English so the communication is fine. They are small, lovely and sexy. They are very good in the bedroom that men feel like to sleep with a new bride every night. You will experience this by marrying and living with one Filipina. The way they dress and perfume they wear, you will love it. Trust me on this.

There are many articles writing about Filipino women in terms of relationship and marriage. I mean, they are popular that make the rest of ladies from other countries envy. Just look at some profiles at our Filipino dating service at AsianDateNet.com, you know what I am talking about here.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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  1. Dear o dear…. someone is pleading for the Pinays !

    You state that the Americans ‘helped us from the Spanish’..
    They surely did but they never thought of helping by bringing improvement to the country’s inhabitants…
    When the Philippines forced the US to leave they left a number of brothels around Subic Bay without work and thus declining incomes 🙂
    Western men looking for women of Asian developing countries are merely losers in their own country.
    One can only speak of an equal match when an Asian woman grew up in a developed environment..Singapore, Hong Kong and above all Japan 🙂

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