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Pgyft, 19541017, Kings Cross, New South Wales, Australia
Kings Cross, New South Wales, Australia
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Sensitve emotional guy
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Looking only for hot sexual relationship with a loving Hot beauty only for hot sex a hot love to satisfy my hot sexual needs. Not Interested in having Kids i already have 2 grown Boys 37 and 21 living away from me ok, and also not Interested in marriage i already have been there before dont want no loving woman to ever ask me for any money or iTunes cards other wise u can Just pass me by ok, she must be working to be able to buy what ever her heart desiers and not depend on her lover and loving sweetheart for i only have a small pension i receive from australia monthly Just enough to live on to pay for my rent, bills, food, she must be working to take care of her own responsibilaties and financial problems to stand on her own two feet, sorry!! for that and must do for me to love her more for me to never ever betray her ever never to look at no other loving beauty But only My loving sweetheart to make only love to her and no other for as long as i live that i swear to send me her loving Hot photos on one of My private sites which I have on Skype, whattsap, or hangout, accounts of her loving Hot naked beauty for me to love her for eternity and to be so deeply in love with her to be My one and only goddess love, My Queen, for eternity okay, waiting anxiously for my loving future loving sweetheart to love to be My Queen. Love Pete.