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MartijnCross, Castricum, Netherlands
Castricum, Netherlands
Dutch male looking for a date
About yourself:
Would be any nice woman I would find attractive both in looks and in terms of wits.
Looking for:

Quite a layed back people-person, taking trust and acceptation of others highly into account. Love to have others around me for a good social time, as well as able to relax and slack off on the couch every now and then ^^
Looking for a nice lady to chat and/or date with, and who knows more.

Right as of now looking for a new job as my old isn't satisfactory. Enjoying series, gaming and socialising with friends.
I’m really good at being honest and blunt.. Straight to the point.. Is that good? Hmmm.
Focussed, caring and resourceful.

You should message me if you want to have a nice chat, to begin with ;) Also, why do us males always have to make first contact? How about you start for once!