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Thinking out loud

When covid 19 is finally over "Mask off" by future should be number 1 song on all music chart dont you think so ?? Merry christmas in advance everyone ✨✨How is it over there? Here in Nigeria am not really feeling the christmas season the weather is so hot here,few christmas trees... A quick reminder try to show some love to someone e this season no matter how little Am new here anyways hope i find what am looking for here.(^_^) (°<>°) ($-$)........................................…

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Do foreign men marry Filipinas and sponsor them abroad or just have fun?

It seems to be unfair to other women from other countries including India, Vietnam, South Africa, etc, Foreign men select Filipinas for marriage and bring them out of the Philippines. However, foreign women from these nations don’t have the same reputation as Filipina women. I mean, Filipino ladies are unique, appealing, extraordinary, sexy and fresh in the bedroom.Americans seeking FilipinasI don’t want to mention about our history when American people came to the Philippines and helped us from…